Rob Kardashian Claims Blac Chyna Blocked Him, Won’t Let Him See Baby Dream

Blac Chyna packed up everything she could take and moved herself and two kids out of the home she was sharing with Rob Kardashian. It all went down in the most explosive way on Saturday night, with Chyna’s Instagram hacked to expose her plan to cash in on Kardashian fame and her disgust with Rob’s inability to take care of himself. Rob responded on Snapchat, showing the empty rooms of their shared home after Chyna cleared out in a surprise break up just a week before Christmas.

Now Rob says he just wants to see his baby Dream, but Chyna has him blocked on social media and won’t let him near them. The only Kardashian brother has been busy on Instagram, posting memes that poke fun at his current situation but he’s really not laughing at the fact that he can’t get anywhere near his new baby girl.

In one meme posted by Rob, he explains that he can’t get ahold of Blac Chyna because she has him blocked. Apparently, he already tried to go see his daughter Dream too, but wrote that he can’t get past the guard gate where she is currently living because Chyna told them not to let Rob through.

In his Snapchat video after Chyna left, Rob claimed that he furnished their house for both of Chyna’s kids, King Cairo and Dream. From the way things looked in the Snapchat video, she took all of the furnishings with her, and she even cleaned out his fridge. According to Rob, Blac Chyna also made off with a freezer full of Eggo waffles, his favorite bbq sauce, and his chips.

Rob also took a moment to dispell rumors that his latest split from Blac Chyna was just another publicity stunt or a hoax. According to Rob, Chyna’s sudden departure was very real, and he’s hoping that it doesn’t mean the end of their tumultuous relationship.

“People are tagging me in these memes and just cuz I’m posting them doesn’t mean this wasnt[sic] all serious,” Rob wrote on Instagram. “This is all very real and serious to me and I’m trying to cheer myself up with these and they are making me laugh. So relax. This wasn’t fake or some publicity stunt. Trust me. My one month old beautiful baby girl got taken from me along with my wife who left me. Been upset for days so relax. This is all very real in my life. I don’t play when it comes to my woman and my baby.”

Blac Chyna’s Instagram has been cleaned up after a late night hack that left several of her text messages exposed for all to read. Chyna has responded to the Rob Kardashian break up as well. She explained that Rob is abusive and constantly accused her of cheating on him. She went off about how her former fiance refused to get in shape or get his life together and that he did nothing all day.

While it was all spelled out in Blac Chyna’s Instagram hack that she had planned to stay with Rob for one more year, it looks like she had all that she could take so she left. The whole thing happened just days after it was announced that there would be a second season of Rob & Chyna as well as a July wedding.

It looks like that might all be canceled now that Blac Chyna moved out. Also, nevermind that trademark issue that Rob’s sisters were trying to block because right now it looks like Angela Renee Kardashian won’t be happening. In the meantime, Chyna is claiming that Rob can see his daughter any time he wants, but he says that he can’t get ahold of Chyna or get past the guard gate to get to her house. Does this mean a Kardashian child custody case is in order? This is just starting to get interesting.

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