Michelle Obama To Oprah: ‘Angry Black Woman’ Accusations Are False [Videos]

First Lady Michelle Obama sat down with Oprah recently, and one of the topics discussed was the stereotype of Michelle being an “angry black woman.” As seen in the below video, titled “Michelle Obama on the Stereotype of the ‘Angry Black Woman’ | Oprah Special | Oprah Winfrey Network,” Mrs. Obama addressed how she felt when she heard those accusations of Michelle being an angry black woman when they were first lobbed at the First Lady.

Michelle told Oprah that she realized the “angry black woman” accusations that some people forced onto Mrs. Obama revealed more about her accusers than Michelle’s own behavior. The label of being an “angry black woman” was far from how Mrs. Obama viewed herself, Michelle told Oprah in the revealing videos. But the talk wasn’t all about being angry or black. Instead, Mrs. Obama also talked about plans that she has to do things that she couldn’t necessarily do as First Lady. One of those plans was for the duo to go shopping.

Moving out into the world, Oprah and Michelle discussed going to Target as a field trip after Mrs. Obama leaves the White House. But Oprah told Mrs. Obama that she had an idea that was so much better than shopping. Oprah told Michelle that the duo should go glamping — glamorous camping. Mrs. Obama was okay with the idea, as long as Oprah did the cooking. Mrs. Obama said that she saw the episode of Oprah and Gayle King camping — a popular video that showed Oprah and Gayle laughing through their camping adventure.

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Meanwhile, Oprah asked Michelle how she got through the past eight or more years, especially when all of the negative occurrences happened in the battlefield of politics. Michelle explained that a lesson from her mother helped her get through the bad times.

“The bad stuff I just don’t hold onto. Subtle ways that could tear your soul apart if you let it. My mother always told me, ‘Girl you better keep it moving. You better brush it off.'”

Michelle Obama
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Mrs. Obama made a brushing motion near her shoulder, as Michelle has done in the past, while discussing Jay Z lyrics, instructing others to “get that dirt off your shoulders.” Meanwhile, the “angry black woman” video has drawn more than 42,000 views on Oprah’s YouTube channel in about 24 hours — and is accompanied by a description that lets viewers know what to expect.

“First Lady Michelle Obama addresses the racial stereotype of the ‘angry black woman’. For more on #Oprah Special, visit Oprah.com.”

The next video, titled “Oprah to First Lady Michelle Obama:'”We Should Go Glamping’ | Oprah Special | Oprah Winfrey Network,” brought a bit of levity to their conversation, with the video drawing nearly 10,000 views in about 24 hours since the video was uploaded to YouTube. That video has drawn fewer views — as of this writing — than the video wherein Oprah and Michelle spoke about the “angry black woman” issue.

After Oprah invited Mrs. Obama glamping, Michelle eventually agreed once the cooking choices were solidified.

Lastly, the video of Mrs. Obama speaking about not allowing the negative aspects of racism or opposing political views to have a bad effect upon her soul can be seen below. That video has gained more than 14,000 views in about one day. Michelle shared the tricks for not holding onto bad thoughts or negative reactions by simply moving forward and not dwelling on negative events.

Mrs. Obama shared the fact that if Oprah had brought up specific instances of bad things that happened during the Obama Family’s eight-year reign in the White House, it could indeed make Michelle angry as she remembered each incident. Instead, Mrs. Obama told Oprah that she chooses to move forward and not hold onto anger as a means of remaining positive.

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