WWE News: CM Punk Talks About Making His Comeback At ‘SmackDown LIVE’ In Chicago Later This Month

When CM Punk parted ways with WWE, it was pretty ugly. There is always the chance that he could end up realizing the world of MMA and life in UFC isn’t for him, and try to head back to the company where he had much success. Well, his first fight in the octagon wasn’t very good at all, and now, fans are wondering if he will ever have another one? In the meantime, SmackDown LIVE is heading to Chicago later this month and CM Punk decided to address his possible return at the event.

It has been about two-and-a-half years since CM Punk last appeared in WWE and it really was a bad parting of ways. Since then, Punk has been a member of Ultimate Fighting Championship since December of 2014, and he had his first fight at UFC 203 in September of this year.

wwe news cm punk return comeback chicago smackdown live ufc
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That fight ended up being a one-sided match which saw Mickey Gall win with a rear naked choke at 2:14 of the first round. After that, a lot of fans thought that CM Punk may end up rethinking his decision to venture further into the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Well, it has been a few months since his last fight in UFC, and now, the Chicago native has seen his name pop up in wrestling discussions again. As the official page for WWE Live Events details, the company is heading to Chicago, Illinois, for a SmackDown LIVE event at the Allstate Arena on Tuesday, Dec. 27.

Obviously, CM Punk isn’t listed as one of the featured superstars appearing on the show, but that didn’t stop a fan from asking him if he was going to show up. In return, Punk took it upon himself to respond in a fashion that is very fitting of his style and personality.

Yes, that will be the same night that John Cena makes his return to WWE television and that is going to make that episode of SmackDown LIVE quite huge. It is also the final televised show for the company in 2016, and fans will certainly tune in to see what happens.

They’re going to see a lot, but they aren’t going to see CM Punk return.

The response he gave to the fan was him being his usual and typical sarcastic self. A number of people on Twitter took the tweet quite seriously and actually believe that CM Punk is going to be returning to WWE on Dec. 27 at SmackDown LIVE, but not even the fan who asked the question is of that same mindset.

Yes, CM Punk is a member of UFC and that is where he is going to remain until he decides that it is time to hang it up. After his loss in September, President Dana White said he wasn’t sure that Punk should continue to be an MMA fighter for his company, but that didn’t seem to put a stop to his training.

As reported by MMA Fighting, things are not yet over for Punk in the octagon. His MMA coach, Duke Roufus, said that Punk is still training for his next fight in UFC and said that his fighter is going to get better.

They are hopeful that CM Punk is going to get a second chance to prove himself at the level he’s currently at, and not have to go to Bellator or on the regional circuit.

“Yeah, definitely, I believe he and Dana are talking. I just talked to Punk on Monday before that, and things are looking hopeful. I can’t say yes or no, but they’re looking hopeful. We’re going to see. Dana’s always got a good recipe of what he’s going to create, and what’s best for the sport, and what’s best for Punk and everyone else.”

Roufus said that, if anything, a CM Punk return to the UFC octagon is “maybe four or five months” away.

wwe news cm punk return comeback chicago smackdown live ufc
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CM Punk is now an MMA fighter and he is a member of UFC and training for his second fight in the cage. Yes, SmackDown LIVE will be in Chicago later in December and there will likely be a lot of chants for the former WWE World Champion, but he’s not going to show up. WWE fans want him there and hope one day that he will come back, but it seems the farthest from his mind or plans.

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