‘Pokemon Go’ Update Coming Soon? Next Release Date Rumors And Spawn Nest Migration Changes

Is there a new Pokemon Go update coming soon for the hit mobile game? Based on previous release dates, there are rumors kicking into full gear that a new update for the game could hit in the coming week, just in time for the Christmas holiday. In addition, there have been some recent spawn nest migration changes to take a look at, as well as the fact that another character has taken over the top spot when it comes to the mobile gaming world.

As reported by Heavy earlier today, based on previous Niantic Labs release updates for the Pokemon Go game, one could speculate that another update is due on Wednesday, December 21st, or around that date. The game’s developer has put out most updates on a bi-monthly level and the most recent hit on Wednesday, December 7th. That could mean something else is going to be here in the coming week, but it has yet to be confirmed.

The next Pokemon Go Update could be coming this week. [Image via Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]

The previous update had some small changes such as making bulk transfers to Professor Willow at once and the addition of Pokemon type icons to the gym battle screen. It’s believed that the upcoming update could be part of Niantic’s roll out of a special Christmas event. There was a recent holiday addition made to the game with Pikachu wearing a Santa hat to help celebrate the holiday, but that seems nowhere near the level of the Halloween and Thanksgiving events, yet. The company also dropped the clue that Professor Willow had a special message on the way for gamers soon.

Meanwhile, the game is constantly evolving to keep players coming back and that includes adding new characters and performing migrations of the nests. That means different creatures spawning from the “real world” nest locations, and it takes place every two weeks on the game. Heavy reported that the latest of these migrations came to the game on December 14th.

Among the changes noted on Pokemon Go subReddits are Abra into Exeggcute or Voltorb, Charmander into Gastly or Weedle, Electabuzz into Scyther or Bulbasaur, and Pikachu into Slowpoke. The Silph Road website also has a constantly updated map of the spawn nest locations for players to consult. These could be changing up yet again by December 28th, so keep a close eye on the map and the game for that update to arrive.

Super Mario is now dominating the app store charts. [Image via Handout/Getty Images]

While Pokemon Go was the hot game of the summer season, it seems a new title has taken on that role for Christmas and the holidays. As of Friday, Super Mario Run was released as a free demo for iOS device users, with three playable levels available. Customers who wanted to play more than that could grab the full version of the game for $9.99. According to 9to5Mac, the new game quickly rose to the top of the free apps and top grossing apps charts at the iTunes app store hours after release. It seems to show the enduring popularity of Mario and the related characters from the classic Nintendo games. Meanwhile, Pokemon Go is tough to spot in the top 100 anymore.

To the credit of the Pokemon game creators, they have their mobile game available for both Android and iOS users right now. As of this report, Super Mario is only running on iPhones, iPads, and iPods with iOS 8.0 with an Android release date for the game coming in the future.

Mobile game fans, are you still playing Pokemon Go and if so what are you hoping for in a future update? Also, have you tried the new Super Mario Run game, and if so what do you think of it?

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