Nicki Minaj Bikini Blast; Singer Unloads On Social Media As Rumors of Meek Mill Breakup Flair

Questions as to whether Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend, hip hop recording artist Meek Mill, have broken up seem to be flaring today as the popular singer has posted a series of revealing pictures of herself in skimpy bikinis.

Very skimpy bikinis.

While the presence of Nicki in an all-too-small bikini is hardly anything groundbreaking or new for fans of the popular 34-year-old entertainer – as she is often showing off what some people would call a little too much skin – many of her fans are starting to question Minaj’s motives for doing so.

Like, could Nicki Minaj be angry about a recent split with Mill and looking to remind him of the bikini clad body he may never again have?

Could Minaj be trying to make her (potentially former) boyfriend a wee bit jealous with so many bikini shots?

“Bad gyal forward. Bad gyal PULL UP,” Minaj captioned on one particular picture of herself on Instagram, which was snapped in, as Entertainment Tonight noted, a Versace two-piece bikini.

In another bikini picture, Nicki wrote “Hello from the other side @donatella_versace.”

That other side, many of Minaj’s fans would no doubt agree, is a very fascinating one to behold. Especially when it is clad in a tiny amount of material such as a bikini.

Nicki Minaj, herself, fueled the rumors of her breakup with longtime boyfriend Mill after another of her Instagram posts recently went viral.

The bikini clad Minaj noted in a recent post, called “cryptic” by Entertainment Tonight, “Thank God u blew it. Thank God I dodged the bullet. I’m so over u. Baby good lookin out. #BestThingUNeverHad.”

It has, of course, not always been so bad for the pair.

After all, Nicki has been romantically linked with Robert Rihmeek Williams, a.k.a. Meek Mill, since, per the New York Daily News, a 2015 report spotted them together with Nicki sporting a 15-carat diamond ring – a wee bit jealous?

The pair were last known to be celebrating Minaj’s birthday – December 8 – in Turks and Caicos when things apparently went south.

Rumors, of course, of a potential Nicki breakup kicked into full gear when the “Anaconda” singer Minaj went on an unexpected online rant about somebody whom she called an “ungrateful person,” per the New York Daily News.

“Never help an ungrateful person get on their feet,” said Nicki in the online rant, which many see as a not-so-veiled reference to Mill’s past issues for drug possession, dealing, and gun possession. “It’s like telling a wolf that you’re a sheep.”

Is Nicki Minaj – shown here in a revealing bikini covered in lace – single again? Certainly, a lot of her admirers would like to think so. [Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIDAL]

Mill was sentenced to 90 days of house arrest earlier this year in February for violating his parole on those charges, stemming from an incident that took place in 2008, according to Billboard. While the hip hop artist was quick to blame the infraction on his difficult concert schedule, other officials believed that his relationship with Minaj – who attended the hearings with him – was to blame.

“I just want to ask you for a chance to turn that corner and be a changed man,” said Meek Mill at the time to Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley at the time of his sentencing. “You said you saw something in me… I want to prove you right. I believe I can be the bright star you intended me to be.”

This sentence also required Mill to abstain from being able to perform during the three-month period, in addition to being required to perform daily community service with “adults,” as Billboard put it, “not the young people who idolize him.”

Presumably, he was not barred from seeing Minaj in a bikini.

Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj during happier times. It is also a rare shot in which Nicki is seen wearing more clothing than just a bikini. [Image by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]

While many feel that Meek’s response to the charges showed a more mature side of his personality, those same people might be quick to label his response to Minaj’s rants as a bit more direct.

In a series of messages that the singer wrote on his Instagram prior to deleting the account, Mill seemed to take umbrage to Nicki Minaj’s nature as well as her handling of the seeming breakup.

“That’s why [I] make sure I stand on my own and was M’d up when I met you,” wrote Mill in a seemingly angry rant that was accompanied by emojis of praying hands and flexing arms, also per the New York Daily News. “Some of ya’ll need to learn how to enjoy your man’s company instead of picking fights with him 24/7.”

The controversial rapper would also conclude his rant that presumably concerned Nicki Minaj by saying, “Be lit & not in misery….. I just wanna win and ball with my lady not be drilled… that’s the only that keep my functioning!!! on my A GAME…This give me motivation!”

Not long after this mysterious post, Mill unexpectedly deleted his Instagram account.

As to the direction that the formerly happy couple will go from here, nobody quite seems to know.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

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