WWE News: President Of NJPW’s Parent Company Talks About The Possibility Partnering With WWE

In what can only be seen as a huge story, it appears that the President of Bushiroad (parent company of New Japan Pro-Wrestling) Takaaki Kidani spoke out about the WWE business and possibly partnering up with them at some point in the future. NJPW obviously has been losing stars to WWE over the years, with just this past year losing Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows. This did hurt NJPW a bit, but they keep making stars.

Now however, there are rumors of Kenny Omega also heading to WWE as well, which means that NJPW is seeing the writing on the wall. You are either with WWE or against them because stars will continue to be taken. The companies that seem to be a success outside the WWE are the ones who do not mind working with them or at least being open to the idea. NJPW has resisted this, because they have not had issues with WWE before and have been wildly successful.

However, they are going to continue losing their top stars as the years go on to the WWE. There is no better time than now to partner up with them in some way to help both companies out. Interestingly, NJPW is by no means a threat to the WWE as they are mostly centered in Japan and have no real ability to connect to the English speaking world due to their intent on staying mostly Japanese. Even the English stars make sure they are translated or in the case of someone like Omega, become fluent in the language itself.

Kidani decided to speak out about the WWE in a series of tweets that spoke of the WWE’s business model, the Network, and possible future of pro-wrestling. He began to talk about this due to the WWE’s new United Kingdom tournament and championship as well as possible UK show. He would then leave people on a very interesting note by the end.

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“WWE World Strategy 1. It seems that WWE will raise about 20 billion yen (How can you be like a convertible bond?) Within the framework of professional wrestling, it will be a leverage of the WWE network and a local territory with WWE linkages around the world. The birth of British throne is part of it. Japanese organizations may also be subject to acquisition.

“WWE World Strategy 2. I will explain why WWE network leverage and global territory construction. First of all, the revenue structure of WWE in recent years has increased the royalty of TV broadcasting rights. This is due to the benefits of the sports content bubble caused by the US net distribution and tug of the cable TV station

“WWE world strategy 3. The composition of this tug of war has greatly collapsed in 3 to 5 years due to exhaustion of the cable TV station side, and it is highly profitable system to sell programs to the TV stations all over the world, while obtaining the expensive broadcasting fee in the US as in the past Can not be maintained. We can only supplement this with the WWE network, and it is an urgent matter to take network leverage

“WWE World Strategy 4. Multiple reasons to build a global territory. Part 1 Cost reduction It is very costly to move each group on a world scale. Also, if local enterprise of WWE in each region only has twice a year the entertainment, it is unnecessary. If you only make local affiliates and send players, the cost will be cheap

“WWE World Strategy 5. In fact, I think that there are only three countries where the WWE is making a surplus, the United States, Canada, and the UK. Just because we sell programs to TV stations all over the world, we need to do a world tour to some extent and also implies the promotion of the network. We will build local subsidiaries, affiliates, partnership organizations according to the characteristics of the area

“WWE World Strategy 6. Part 2 Discover and nurture players. WWE’s next generation star shortage is serious. Part 3 If you distribute content creation in the local territory, named globalization called localization, and box office where a lot of local wrestlers will participate in the WWE network, the possibility that people in the country will join the network will increase

“WWE world strategy 7. I think WWE got a big bet. However, this bet also entails considerable danger. That it was against a huge IT company. I’d like to make a presentation at a later date, including the strategy of the New Japan Wrestling, although it is not enough. I think that the pro-wrestling world will be the era of the global WWE coalition v anti-WWE alliance.

“The strategy of WWE mutated today can be confirmed by published materials, settlement materials, etc. If you are interested please check it.”

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Of course this was translated from Japanese to English from his Twitter account, but what is so interesting about what he claimed was that he pretty much said that you are with WWE or against them. Which to most says that NJPW has an intention of possibly working with WWE in the future. If they fail to do so, they will be a company that suffers.

In a time when WWE is globalizing their product more and more, it would be ignorant of a company like NJPW to ignore the WWE and their success. They know that they can be successful with their plan, and NJPW would either need to be a big part of that with WWE or suffer the loss of their company to the WWE in the future. The indie companies that pair up with WWE not only get recognized by the WWE itself, but they also get aid from the WWE when needed.

Interesting, WWE is doing something similar to what the NWA did years ago, where the National Wrestling Alliance had various territories with each area being controlled by a specific booker or promoter. Vince McMahon would break that up in the United States and develop the WWE we have today. So WWE would be going from the model that they broke away from to possibly the same one. If NJPW got involved with WWE and their Network, the company only profits in the future.

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