December 16, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosions: Samsung Reportedly Completes Internal Probe, Knows Why The Phones Exploded

For most tech enthusiasts out there, the year 2016 would remain etched in their minds as the year of several underwhelming products. Except for Microsoft, which came up with some surprisingly good products, most other leading tech companies out there did face one set of problems or another, or came up with products that didn't really meet expectations. These include companies like Apple and Samsung. Apple, for example, was in the news for battery issues with several of its new iPhone 6S stocks which prompted the company to issue a minor product recall. The new MacBooks, while still selling in great numbers, skipped some really crucial features (bye bye SD card slot)!

Let us now address the elephant in the room -- the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7, when first introduced, was touted to be the Korean electronic giant's latest and greatest smartphone. However, within weeks of its release, Samsung was staring at perhaps one of the most difficult crises since its inception. Across the world, there were multiple reports of the Galaxy Note 7 units catching fire and exploding. While the initial reports were thought to be false flags, the number of explosions continued to proliferate across the world at an alarming rate. It became pretty clear that there was definitely something seriously wrong with the phone.

When Samsung realized that things were going out of hand, they issued a worldwide product recall for some units of the Galaxy Note 7 that they thought had faulty batteries inside. Several buyers traded in their old, explosion-prone Galaxy Note 7 with a new one that Samsung said did not have the issue. Samsung initially blamed a manufacturing defect with the batteries and a design flaw that caused the battery to heat up and explode. Samsung's eventual plan was to simply replace handsets that came with faulty batteries with new ones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions
[Image by Lee Jin-man/AP Images]

Just days after the recall was underway, more troubling news came looking for Samsung. There were several reports which indicated that new, supposedly non-faulty, replaced Galaxy Note 7 models too had a similar problem. Once again, there were several reports of explosions and smokes, and after a quick analysis, Samsung did the unthinkable. They decided to stop the production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and completely withdrew the product. At the time, Samsung had promised that they would do an internal inquiry and figure out the exact cause of the explosions.

Now if we are to believe a report by The Investor, Samsung has reportedly managed to find out the reason behind the explosions. However, the company doesn't seem to be ready yet to release these details to the general public. We are hopeful that Samsung would be able to convincingly explain people what happened with their flagship phone and quell any rumors associated with the incident. With less than a fortnight left for 2016 to end, there is chance that Samsung will come up with explanation for the Galaxy Note 7 battery issues in the next few days.

Meanwhile, debate continues to rage among tech enthusiasts whether this was the last we saw of Samsung's Note series. While one camp believes that the Galaxy Note brand will be discontinued, thanks to the huge amount of negative publicity it received, there were others who seem to think that the Galaxy Note series would continue to live on for the foreseeable future -- thanks to the immense brand value it still holds.

What do you think will happen in 2017? Will Samsung make a grand comeback with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or will they build a completely new series of large-screened smartphones that unfortunately wouldn't be called a Galaxy Note? Do let us know in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Ahn Young-joon/AP Images]