December 16, 2016
Caroline Stanbury And Juliet Angus: ‘Ladies Of London’ Friendships Are Fake?

Caroline Stanbury has been on Ladies Of London since the very beginning and despite moving to Dubai, it sounds like Caroline is still filming the show in England with her co-stars. Of course, Stanbury moved to Dubai with her husband and children, because her husband got a great job offer there. Rather than split up the family, Caroline decided to move with her husband and she's been filming Ladies Of London as she's packing up her life and getting ready to relocate to Dubai. And even though she's busy with the relocation of her family, Stanbury has plenty of opinions about the friendships on the show.

According to a new Bravo report, Caroline Stanbury and Juliet Angus have become great friends over the past year. Even though the two of them didn't always see eye-to-eye on matters, these two have really worked on their friendship. And they are now speaking out about their Ladies of London co-stars, who tend to switch friends every season. And Juliet is convinced that both she and Caroline Stanbury are on the outs this season and she hints to The Daily Dish that Caroline has to look over her shoulders.

"This one has to be checking both shoulders," Juliet explains to Bravo about her co-star and friend, Caroline Stanbury, but she doesn't seem to care that she's not the most popular one on the show with the other ladies.

"I'm on my own personal island, but I've decided I'm gonna stay there" Caroline Stanbury explains to The Daily Dish, adding, "I'm happy on my own, to be honest."

Angus is convinced that some of the ladies may be intimidated by Caroline Stanbury and her attitude. It's no secret that she's powerful and she has a strong presence. Even though Caroline's business failed last year, she still has plenty of money in the bank, a successful husband and a huge house. Plus, she has no problem sharing what's on her mind.

"I think it's also being a little intimidated that even when things fall apart for her, you hold it together," Juliet explains about Stanbury's attitude, according to Bravo, adding, "And some of these girls, it's almost like flailing, trying to figure out how to mess up, ruffle her feathers."

But Caroline has no problem digging deep when it comes to her Ladies of London co-stars. Stanbury thinks that some of the friendships are rather fake, as they are new but the ladies act like they have been friends for years. And Stanbury has an interesting word for it; the honeymoon phase of a friendship. Whereas Caroline feels that she has a genuine friendship with Juliet, she feels that some of the other ladies simply don't know each other.

"You're talking about new friendships of girls that have known each other for a month or two. Look, I call that the honeymoon phase. It's like newlyweds that just get engaged, and they're judgmental of every other couple. Come back in 15 years and let's discuss. These girls don't know each other," Caroline Stanbury reveals, adding, "Understand the beast you're dealing with, really know each other, and then if you still feel the same way, then I'll listen to your opinions."

And it sounds like Angus couldn't agree more with Stanbury's comments about the friendships on Ladies Of London.

"It's true, actually. Marissa [Hermer] and Adela are like BFFs, love this girl so much, and it's like they've really only known each other for six months. It's easy for [the group] to talk about us behind our backs but not to our faces.

What do you think of Caroline Stanbury's comments about the women on Ladies of London?

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