December 16, 2016
Braless Amy Willerton Stripped Dress Causes Disaster On Red Carpet

Amy Willerton showed up braless but in a spectacular stripped dress for the Military Awards, which were held in London, but ended up facing a wardrobe disaster while on the red carpet.

Willerton made a strong fashion statement with her green dress matched with a nude color spiraling from top to bottom as she strutted down the red carpet at the Guildhall in London. Unfortunately, her moment of glory was almost extinguished by a wardrobe malfunction when her dress decided to create its own slit on the right side of her thigh. The unfortunate incident took place while the 24-year-old was walking the red carpet.

Amy's dress got a tear on the side of her thigh while she was posing for photos on the red carpet. The tear was big enough to be noticed by the camera which in the celebrity gossip world is quite a massive wardrobe malfunction. However, she brushed it off as if nothing had happened and proceeded into the guildhall while retaining the beautiful smile on her face.

Other than the near disaster, it is worth noting that the dress was a beautiful masterpiece and it hugged her body tightly revealing her beautiful curves. Willerton also made her appearance for the event without a bra, and the dress also happened to be see-through to some extent, thus giving a sneak peek at what she was working with underneath. However, the design was careful enough to make sure that it covered her dignity.

Braless Amy Willerton stripped dress
[Image by KGC-143/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]

The gown was a long Celia Krithariotie dress complete with a fishtail shape and it graciously trailed behind her as she walked on the red carpet. It was designed in such a manner that one shoulder seemed like it was falling off, thus revealing a bit more skin on her right shoulder and a bit more on the top part of her back. It complemented her natural curves and blended with her hair which cascaded down her shoulders in stylish curls.

Braless Amy Willerton stripped dress
[Image by KGC-143/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]

The model added more beauty to the look by matching it with scarlet lipstick. She accessorized it with a glittery clutch that matched her earrings, though only one earring was visible because her hairstyle flowed to the back of her head and also covered her left ear.

Props to Willerton for handling the situation so well by not panicking when she discovered that her dress had a tear. Many celebrities would most likely have quickly rushed off the red carpet and proceeded to switch into another dress. But Not Amy. Something so small was not going to stop her from flaunting her beauty. She continued posing for the cameras with a big, beautiful smile on her face while playing it off nicely as a minor mishap.

It is most likely that the tear on the dress was because the material used was not elastic enough, thus it succumbed to too much pressure. Maybe the dress might have been hugging her body too tightly, leading to the tear or the material used might have been weak. Whatever the case, things turned out just fine and we got to see Willerton in all her glory as she continued to pose like a pro. The dress was undoubtedly captivating, making her the center of attention for a lot of right reasons despite the one slight wrong reason.

The Military Awards is an annual event that is usually held in honor of the brave men and women in the British military. This year's event was hosted by Lorraine Kelly. Some of the stars that were also present at the awards include Ola Jordan and Carol Vorderman, among others. They were no match for Willerton and she easily stole the show with the stripped dress despite the minor wardrobe malfunction.[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]