‘Outdaughtered’ Spoilers: Adam and Danielle Need $2 Million To Send Blayke, Quintuplets To College

Outdaughtered Season 2 returns with an all-new episode on Tuesday, December 20 with “5 Babies on a Budget.” According to the official synopsis, Episode 7 will see Adam and Danielle Busby try to get their finances together to prepare for Blayke and the quintuplets’ future.

Although Blayke is only 4-years-old and the quintuplets just started nursery, Danielle Busby believed that she and husband Adam should start preparing for their future early. In the sneak peek for Tuesday’s episode, Danielle told Adam off for buying a drone when they should be saving for their kids’ college fund.

“That awful noise is the sound of wasted money,” Danielle said, speaking of the drone.

Danielle later revealed that she was worried about how Adam is handling their finances. She wondered if her husband is aware of how much money they actually need now that they have six daughters to take care of.

“Sometimes I think he’s not thinking about the future and its frustrating so I decided to call on a financial planner,” she said.

When the financial planner computed how much money they needed to send Blayke and the quintuplets to college, Adam and Danielle found out that they needed to save at least $2 million for their children’s future.


But managing their finances is not the only thing on Adam and Danielle Busby’s minds. In the last episode of Outdaughtered Season 2, the couple found out that one of the quintuplets is not ready to start nursery just yet. Because of a safety issue, the owners of the school needed all students to be walking before they get admitted.

“What will happen if they’re not [walking] is the other kids will trample all over them,” Randi, the preschool owner, explained.

Adam and Danielle were not too thrilled with the idea of having one of the quintuplets left behind. Danielle, however, pointed out that she also did not want to hold the others back just because Hazel is not ready.

“Seems like it’s always Hazel. We don’t want to have four little girls all doing one thing and then the other one falling behind. We just want to do everything we can to get her caught up,” Adam said.


After a visit to their pediatrician, Dr. Kimble, the Outdaughtered couple felt a little more at ease about the thought of sending four of the quintuplets to nursery school without Hazel. Dr. Kimble pointed out that Danielle would have more one-on-one time with Hazel, which could help her develop her balance skills faster and eventually catch up with her sisters.

The night before Olivia, Ava, Parker, and Riley start nursery school, Danielle cannot help but feel anxious about spending time away from her babies. Even though meeting new kids is going to help them, as a mother, Danielle felt uneasy handing her kids over to strangers.

“My fear will be that they won’t make any friends or they just cry all day. No matter how hard you try, it’s never gonna leave your head.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Adam Busby bought a $4,500 playhouse for her daughters. Although it was pretty pricey, even with his parents chipping in, Adam believed that the playhouse is going to be a good investment. The Outdaughtered star also hoped that it would keep Hazel busy while her sisters are in school.

“I’m looking forward to using this for years to come. I mean, we’re gonna make plenty of memories, but also I think this is gonna give Hazel plenty opportunities just to get out and exercise. Before we know it they’ll all be going to school together,” he said.

Catch the next episode of Outdaughtered Season 2, “5 Babies on a Budget,” Tuesday, December 20 on TLC.

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