December 16, 2016
'General Hospital' Schedule Change And Spoilers: Lulu Demands Charlotte, Finn Is Desperate To Save Hayden, And Franco's Game With Tom Continues

General Hospital spoilers tease that juicy twists and turns are on the way, but there is a schedule change taking place on Friday that will push everything out by a day. Lulu has learned that Charlotte is her biological daughter, and teasers indicate that she going to battle to bring her daughter home. Anna is digging into Valentin's past, and Finn is desperate to save Hayden. Franco has Tom locked up in a cage, and there is plenty of drama ahead when these Port Charles storylines move forward.

Due to a press conference with President Obama that is slated to air on the major networks on Friday afternoon, General Hospital will not air a new episode on Friday, notes ABC executive Nathan Varni via Twitter. The episode that was slated to air on December 16 will be moved to Monday, December 19, instead, so fans will not have to worry about missing any of the action or trying to track down a show that airs in the wee hours of the morning as is sometimes the case in these kinds of situations. In addition, rather than air an encore show on Friday, December 23, GH will show an original, putting their schedule back on track again.

What can everybody expect from Monday's show? General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that Lulu will face off with Valentin over Charlotte, demanding that she be allowed to take the little girl home with her. She may be adamant that she isn't leaving without her daughter, but Valentin isn't about to simply hand over the girl.

'General Hospital' star James Patrick Stuart
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General Hospital spoilers hint that there will be a big custody battle on the horizon over Charlotte. Valentin won't allow the girl to head home with her biological mother immediately, but he will let Lulu spend the day with her newfound daughter. The two will bond, and teasers indicate that Nina will remain flustered over this new development. She will try to warn Valentin to be reserved when it comes to trusting Lulu, but it doesn't sound as if he'll be terribly concerned.

Hayden's health is in a very fragile state now, and despite all of Finn's attempts to help her, she is at risk of losing her life. General Hospital spoilers note that Finn will head to the lab and beg Brad to help him, risking everything in order to find a way to save Hayden's life. Tracy will be by Hayden's side, telling her that Finn thinks he's found a way to help her, and it seems that he'll convince Brad to help him and they'll put together an untested serum.

Franco lured Tom into a trap and now has him in a cage at his place, and spoilers share that Elizabeth will head over there to pay him a visit. She'll ask what Franco is up to, as he's being quite secretive, and he'll scramble to keep her from finding out Tom is there. At the same time, Tom will be doing his best to escape his cage and things will get intense between these two men.

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General Hospital spoilers detail that soon, Tom's brother will track down Elizabeth and try to find out if she knows where his brother is, as it will start to cause concern with his family that he seems to be missing. From the sounds of things, this will ultimately pave the way for Franco to admit what he's done. Just how far will he go to keep Tom out of Elizabeth's life?

Anna has been determined to figure out how she is connected to Valentin, but she has not been able to piece everything together. She'll talk with Dante about the situation during the next episode, and Soap Central notes that she'll get a flash of insight thanks to some kind of familiar tune. Also ahead during the week of December 19, General Hospital spoilers note that Sonny will be left stunned by a revelation regarding Morgan's supposed death, and Ava will remain concerned about Julian keeping Alexis around.

Will Lulu and Dante manage to get custody of Charlotte and be able to keep her away from Valentin? Can Finn save Hayden? Will Elizabeth be able to continue her relationship with Franco after this Tom situation is resolved? Viewers will be disappointed to miss out on having a new show airing on Friday, December 16, but General Hospital spoilers tease that the coming week will be jam-packed with action that will be worth the wait.

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