December 15, 2016
WWE News: John Cena Back In Gym, Counting Days To WWE Return

A lot has been written about John Cena and his relationship with the WWE. Everything from his alleged dissatisfaction with the return of Bill Goldberg, to a possible retirement match against The Undertaker, to his own possible retirement from the WWE has been brought up. However, all John Cena has ever said was how he was going to remain part of the WWE for life.

That doesn't seem to have changed. Hard Knocks South posted a video on Twitter showing John Cena bench pressing 200kg, which equals about 440 pounds. The site posted that Cena was getting "his bench back" and John then responded that he is counting down the days to his WWE return.

The WWE reported that John Cena will be back at SmackDown Live on Dec. 27, for the last episode of the year. The last time that John Cena was in the WWE, he was feuding with both AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose for the WWE Championship, a title he was unable to win.

Dean Ambrose was the WWE Champion after the WWE brand extension draft, and he ended up feuding with AJ Styles for the title. AJ Styles won the title and the two continued their feud. That is when John Cena, who had lost twice to AJ Styles before, stuck his nose into the feud and wanted a shot as well.

WWE News: John Cena Back In Gym, Counting Days To WWE Return
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John Cena is a 15-time world champion, holding the world championship three times and the WWE Championship 12 times. "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair holds the record for most world titles. The WWE counts his world title reigns at 16, although he has held more than that, which the WWE does not recognize.

However, the "official" WWE record is 16 and John Cena is one world title away from tying the record. Wrestling Inc reported that Flair has said he wants John Cena to break the record. With John Cena 39-years-old, the WWE seems to want to get that record set since they are so interested in records these days.

The New Day just broke Demolition's record for longest WWE tag team title reign in WWE history. New Day had to win two, three-way matches on Monday Night Raw to break that WWE record. While there is no way that anyone will ever break Fabulous Moolah's 10,170-day reign, the WWE worked hard to promote Nikki Bella and her 301-day reign as Divas Champion, breaking AJ Lee's 295-day reign.

WWE News: John Cena Back In Gym, Counting Days To WWE Return
[Image by WWE]

The WWE then had Charlotte hold the Divas title and newly-renamed WWE Women's Championship for 309 days, breaking that record.

It was also not that long ago that CM Punk was actually bringing out a chart showing the longest WWE world title reigns of all time. CM Punk held the title for 434 consecutive days, which the company called the longest reign of the "modern era," which means post-Hulk Hogan.


That actually broke the John Cena 380-day reign from 2006-07. Now, it might be time for John Cena to break another record and that could mean the John Cena WWE return could mean another feud with AJ Styles.

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