Ben Affleck: Matt Damon Is ‘Very Bitter’ About Batman Role

The friendship of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon is one that every moviegoer can’t help but be warmed by. Friends for 35 years, the pair’s scriptwriting efforts on Good Will Hunting made them hot properties in Hollywood back in 1997, and since then they’ve gone on to become two of the biggest actors in the world.

Whenever the two have been interviewed over the last 20 years, they’ve never missed the chance to poke fun at each other. So when Ben Affleck appeared on Popcorn With Peter Travers, via ABC News, to talk about his upcoming release Live By Night, and the topic of Batman came up, he just couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a dig at his good friend.

Ben Affleck joked that Matt Damon is particularly jealous and “bitter” about the fact that he’s Batman, especially since Damon is only Jason Bourne.

Ben Affleck as Batman
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“He’s very bitter. All he gets to do is Jason Bourne. Just keeps doing it again and again. We get it. He’s had his share. I got We Bought a Zoo on a loop in the house.”

Ben Affleck also decided to get a little serious about just how important it has been for him to have a good friend like Matt Damon right there at his side throughout his rise to the top of the Hollywood elite. Ben Affleck was at odds to insist that he doesn’t believe the duo have changed dramatically over the course of their friendship, insisting that they’ve always been there to poke fun at each other and keep the other one grounded.

“I don’t think we’ve changed that much. Last night he emailed me and said, ‘You wanna come over and watch Monday Night Football.’ Being friends and having a guy to go through all that stuff with. To have a relationship and have a sense of humor about it, it’s crucial.”

It’s not just Ben Affleck that has gushed about their friendship, though. Matt Damon has never missed the opportunity to declare how important his relationship with Ben Affleck is, while he previously insisted during a Reddit AMA to coincide with the release of Jason Bourne that he’d love to collaborate on another script with Ben Affleck in the future.

However the pair’s schedules are just so hideously busy that he’s not actually sure if they will ever get the chance to do so again.

“I would love to write another script with Ben; I love Ben, I love his work, he’s been my buddy for 35 years. The big issue is time for us. We have a company together so we work on a lot of projects together, but to try to carve out the time is really tough. I mean we both have a whole mess of kids now, and these other days jobs. He’s directing all the time and I’m off working with these other directors.”

During the same Reddit chat, Matt Damon also insisted that he’d love to act in a film that Ben Affleck directs. But he admitted that he can’t see that happening for quite a while yet because Ben Affleck keeps on giving himself the best parts in his own film.

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
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“I would never say never because I would absolutely love to write with Ben again, and I’d love to collaborate with him on anything, he’s brilliant. I’d love to be in one of his movies that he directs. The problem there is that he just keeps giving himself the best roles, so until he stops doing that and maybe just directs, none of us can really work with him.”

Clearly that’s the case with Live By Night, which Ben Affleck wrote, directed, and also stars in, and is out on Christmas Day. Hopefully Ben Affleck can find room for Matt Damon in his next project, though, which is none other than The Batman. Clearly, Matt Damon would be the perfect Robin.

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