Phaedra Parks On Mama Joyce: ‘RHOA’ Mother Desperate For A Spot On The Show?

Phaedra Parks seems to have her plate full these days, as she’s dealing with her divorce from Apollo Nida, his new engagement to a new lady while serving time behind bars, and raising her two sons all by herself as a single mother. One can imagine she would love to get some support from her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars but she’s actually facing more criticism than anything. Parks is now watching this season of the show and she’s learning that her former friend, Kandi Burruss, and her mother are talking behind her back. And rather than be supportive, it sounds like Mama Joyce is a bit obsessed with making Phaedra look bad.

According to a new Bravo report, Phaedra Parks is now revealing that she doesn’t pay Mama Joyce much attention these days, even though Joyce seems to be obsessed with what she is doing these days. On this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she has been on a mission to prove something negative about Parks, including that she stayed married to Apollo Nida for a while before getting divorced. She’s convinced that Phaedra Parks used a legal strategy to cover her own tracks before filing for divorce, so Nida couldn’t testify against her in court.

“Well you know I think Mama Joyce is obsessed with me, because when you’re destined for greatness, people will be obsessed with your spirit and your aura,” Phaedra Parks explains in an interview with The Daily Dish, according to Bravo, sharing that Mama Joyce is obsessed with her and what is happening in her life, especially when it comes to her divorce from Apollo Nida.

“So she’s attracted to me, like most people, her attraction just went into the level of obsession. My life is full enough that I don’t have to bother with worrying about others because I’m doing things that interest me — and she doesn’t actually interest me,” Phaedra Parks explains about Mama Joyce’s role on the show.

Of course, Mama Joyce did make a huge deal out of Phaedra being legally married to Apollo after two years. She had done her research and she had learned that Parks could legally get divorced from Nida after he served two years behind bars. And this summer, she made a huge deal about how Phaedra Parks was lying about why she wasn’t getting divorced.

It sounds like Joyce didn’t think about the children. Maybe Parks didn’t want to rush the divorce because she wanted to make sure that it was the right decision and she wanted to make sure that her sons would be alright if she did file for divorce. It sounds like Joyce is just desperate to get a peach from Bravo and become a full-time housewife. But it sounds like her behavior may influence whether Phaedra will ever be friends with Kandi again.

“Kandi and I were good friends at one point in time, very close friends and that season has passed,” Phaedra Parks explains about her former friendship with Burruss to The Daily Dish, according to Bravo, adding, “So I have no ill will against Kandi. Her name is not in my mouth. It is what it is and I’ve accepted it and hopefully she will soon accept it. We aren’t friends and I’m fine with it. My life doesn’t depend on anything that happens with her and her life.”

What do you think of Phaedra Parks saying that Kandi’s mother is obsessed with her? Do you think Joyce is acting completely irrational on this season of the show, as she will do and say anything to cause drama?

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