Olivia Buckland Reveals Bra Trick For A More Tantalizing Cleavage

Olivia Buckland shared a new video in which she shares a bra trick to make cleavage appear more appealing.

Buckland made her debut this year at the Love Island reality show in the summer and it seems she wants to keep her fans interested. The 24-year-old recently posted an interesting Instagram video in which she reveals her secret to keeping her boobs looking perky and appealing. She reveals that hooking the two sides of her bra gives her a better-looking cleavage.


During her video, Olivia states that every woman wants extra cleavage and she reveals a product called Ultimate cleavage clip. She also stated that she has been using the clip for a few weeks and that it’s been working so well for her. She added that she used it while wearing different dresses and while attending different events and was clearly satisfied by the results.

“I have been using it for a couple of weeks now. Where I go out to a lot of events and where a lot of different dresses… any girl would say they want an extra bit cleavage,” Olivia stated in the video.

Olivia Buckland photo emerges in black lace bra
[Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/AP Images]

Buckland then proceeded to do a demonstration of how the clip works by clipping it to the two sides of her bra. The clip helped pull her breasts together revealing a very sexy cleavage. Other than showing her female fan base one of her tricks for a better-looking cleavage, she also gave her fans a great treat by showing off her incredibly sexy body.

“It really works I have loved using it, I swear you will be obsessed with it,” Olivia added.

The bodacious bombshell also shared an old photo on Tuesday which was taken during her trip to the Caribbean with her boyfriend Alex Bowen. The photo showed off her amazing physique. Buckland and Bowen met during her time at the dating show. Things did not initially go as expected because Bowen got romantic with Zara Holland. The throwback photo of Olivia features her in a pink bikini. The photo shows off her tight toned body including endowed bust and her incredibly flat tummy. It also gave a glimpse at her tattoos. Despite the bumpy start of her romance with Alex, their relationship has been growing stronger ever since she left the show after losing to Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde. Since then, things have been going so well for the couple. After coming back from the Barbados, Alex moved from his Wolverhampton home so that he could live with Buckland in Essex County.

Olivia Buckland photo emerges in black lace bra
[Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/AP Images]

Buckland has clearly been missing soaking up the sun in bikinis now that winter is here. Fortunately, she had already taken the photos of her Barbados vacation which she gladly showed to her fans. The 24-year-old clearly has a liking for tattoos. She has one of tattoo that looks like an inverted heart just above her belly button and two different tattoos on each of her thighs. Unfortunately, the winter cold means she will not be flaunting her curvaceous body anytime soon unless she goes on holiday which she has not revealed.


Either way, she made sure that her fans are covered by posting the bra clip video as well as the holiday photo. Earlier in August she silenced body shamers who had accused her of posting photoshopped images of herself on social media. She has been posting steamy photos of herself to put those claims to rest and prove to the critics that she is as original as they come. Of course, Buckland’s video post of her bra trick for more cleavage further supports that her curves are real.

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