WWE News: Chyna Cause Of Death Revealed After Autopsy

Former WWE superstar Chyna died back in April at the age of 46. The autopsy results were finally released and Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that the official Chyna cause of death was accidental death caused by drugs and alcohol. The information was reportedly revealed by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner.

The original reports from ESPN signaled the same findings. The sports website said that it was believed that the Chyna cause of death was due to drugs. Police in Southern California received a 911 call and said that Chyna was dead when they arrived. The investigators at the time said that there was no suspected foul play involved.

Chyna had been acting strangely in the weeks prior to her death. She has posted numerous videos on YouTube that made it seem something was not right. Those close to her also said she became more reclusive and was drinking more than usual.

Through her life, Chyna also struggled with many addiction problems. She previously dated Triple H when she was in the WWE and then ended up dating Sean Waltman, the former X-Pac. It was when she was with Waltman that Chyna started experimenting with drugs.

WWE News: Chyna Cause Of Death Revealed After Autopsy
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After Chyna left the WWE, she ended up working in the porn industry for Vivid, including a homemade porn with Sean Waltman called One Night in Chyna. She tried for a more mainstream acting career but never could get it off the ground.

Chyna appeared on reality television shows The Surreal Life and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and much of the appeal for WWE fans was her lapse into alcohol and drug dependence. It was a battle that she was never able to beat, as the official Chyna cause of death proves.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Anthony Anzaldo, the manager of Chyna, has agreed to have her brain donated to study possible effects of CTE damage caused through both years of wrestling in the WWE as well as the drug and alcohol abuse. Dr. Bennett Omalu, the pathologist who the movie Concussion was about will get the brain.

WWE News: Chyna Cause Of Death Revealed After Autopsy
[Image by WWE]

The results of the study of Chyna’s brain will also possibly be brought into consideration when it comes to the lawsuits against the WWE by dozens of former superstars. According to Anzaldo, he wants to know if the addiction problems and suicide were a result of possible brain damage.

The Chyna cause of death is not the only news to come out recently when it comes to the former WWE superstar. Mick Foley posted a long post on Facebook about Chyna last week. In the post, the WWE Hall of Fame star said that he wants to help Chyna’s mother gain control of her daughter’s estate.


Mick Foley said that he spoke to her mom, and even though she had been estranged from Chyna for years, the two had made peace and grew closer at the end of the late WWE star’s life.

“Joanie’s mom is attempting to gain control of her daughter’s estate – but is trying to do it on a very limited budget, and the legal costs are more than she can handle. Don’t be fooled by the word “estate” – there is not a lot of money left, if any. But Chyna’s mom is attempting to do the right thing by allowing whatever personal effects she did leave behind to stay with the family and not with her manager, so that her family may finally be at peace with her loss.”

Mick Foley then left a link to where fans can help fund her battle for the estate of Chyna. It is a nice move by the WWE Hall of Fame star despite the less than joyful news of the Chyna cause of death this week.

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