‘Survivor 34’ Spoilers And Premiere Date Scoop: What Can Fans Expect From ‘Game Changers — The Mamanuca Islands’?

Season 33 of Survivor is about to air its finale and that will have viewers looking ahead to Season 34, which is set to debut in the spring. There has been a lot of buzz about this next offering from the franchise, and people are anxious for spoilers regarding what lies ahead. What is known so far about this next one and when will it premiere?

As Reality Blurred details, Survivor 34 reportedly went through some shifts during casting, and the end result is not quite what producers were angling to do initially. The buzz is that this next theme was supposed to be something along the lines of previous winners versus early boots. This battle was filmed in Fiji in June and July, and Survivor spoilers detail that all of the castaways will be familiar to viewers who have watched the franchise for a while.

While all of the castaways will be returning players, Survivor spoilers detail that the casting didn’t fall into place in the right way to do a winners-versus-losers format. Reality Blurred says that the official title for Season 34 is Survivor Game Changers – The Mamanuca Islands, and it is slated to premiere on CBS on Wednesday, March 8.

'Survivor' stars Brad Culpepper and Monica Culpepper

Who will viewers be watching in Season 34? Survivor spoilers from Inside Survivor indicate that there will be 20 returning players and the group includes buzzworthy former players like Caleb Reynolds, Brad Culpepper, Andrea Boehlke, and Aubry Bracco. Jeff Varner, James “J.T.” Thomas, Ozzy Lusth, and Malcolm Freberg are involved, as are Tai Trang, Tony Vlachos, Zeke Smith, and Troyzan Robertson.

Additional female castaways include Cirie Fields, Ciera Eastin, Sandra Diaz-Twine, and Sierra Dawn-Thomas as well as Sarah Lacina, Michaela Bradshaw, Hali Ford, and Debbie Wanner. Within that list, only Thomas, Vlachos, and Diaz-Twine are previous winners, and Bracco, Lusth, and Trang are former second-place finishers.

Some of these returning castaways are now battling for the third or even fourth time in the competition, although more than half are back for just their second shot at the title of sole survivor. It will surely come as no surprise to see Reynolds back in the mix, as he had been a beast in the Kaoh Rong competition until he had to leave the game in the midst of what was a brutal and heartbreaking medivac situation. Caleb said almost immediately that he would love a chance to play the game again, and it’ll be interesting to see how Reynolds does in a group like this.

'Survivor' castaway Ozzy Lusth

This is certainly a buzzworthy crop of castaways, as there are a couple of people from the current season and some like Varner who date almost to the beginning of the series. This will be the fourth battle for Lusth and Fields, and many of these returning castaways went out fairly early in their first times playing the game. Given that, fans will be curious to see how these returning players tweak things to outlast their fellow castaways this time.

Survivor spoilers from Inside Survivor report that the tribes are apparently named Mana and Nuku. The Mana tribe is said to include Aubry, Ciera, Hali, Michaela, Sandra, Tony, Jeff, Troyzan, Caleb, and Malcolm. That means Nuku would then include Sierra, Debbie, Sarah, Cirie, Andrea, Brad, Ozzy, JT, Tai, and Zeke.

Which castaways will do well and which ones will be eliminated early again? There are a few supposed boot lists floating around online, but so far, it doesn’t appear that there are solid and accurate Survivor spoilers that have emerged as of yet. Tune into Wednesday’s Season 33 finale to get some additional information from Jeff Probst about what lies ahead in the 34th outing of the series and then start counting down to the March 8 premiere of Survivor Game Changers – The Mamanuca Islands.

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