'Despicable Me 3' Trailer Puts Gru Up Against A New Rival, Leaves Minions Behind? [Video]

The first Despicable Me 3 trailer has hit, showing that Gru (Steve Carell) and his minions have no sign of stopping. Of course, not everybody is happy to see the series continue, but Gru makes a point of not caring what people think anyway.

In the first film, Gru showed his disposition for not caring when he adopted three girls just to help him steal a gun capable of shrinking the moon. It eventually backfired when he realized he had actually started caring about them, especially Agnes. Her spunky attitude and adorable voice made her the film's real draw for many.

Just try not to think of that scene where Agnes grabbed the stuffed unicorn Gru won for her and yelled, "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"

Another breakout star was the myriad of yellow pill-shaped helpers whose totally random language is mostly a mix of Latin gibberish and the occasional mention of bananas. This could be due to Pierre Coffin, the man who voices the minions and co-directed the series with Chris Renaud, being French.

The minions had become so popular that the second film made them part of the plot, turning them purple and giving them the general personality of Ubisoft's Rabbids. The third movie in the series capitalized on the adorable characters and gave them their own starring role.

'Despicable Me 2' minions were turned into something like Rabbids.
'Despicable Me 2' minions were turned into something like Rabbids. [Image by Tinxi/Shutterstock.com]

Now it seems that Illumination Entertainment is out to continue the series with Gru in the lead role, but the minions seem to have a much smaller factor in the story. This could be a positive step forward for some critics who felt that the series has given them way too much screen time. Kristen Wiig is back as Lucy Wilde, an undercover agent sent to recruit Gru for operations hunting down notorious supervillains.

Lucy grew (pardon the pun) attached to her partner and ended up joining him in his nefarious adventures, which included taking down a Mexican criminal bent on using a mutagen to turn the minions into weapons.

The first Despicable Me 3 trailer starts with them taking out a show-off with ridiculous hydraulics by using their even more ridiculous version.

After the credits roll by, we see Gru and Lucy teaming up against a new villain, Balthazar Bratt, voiced by Trey Parker, who you might know from South Park and the sports comedy Baseketball. Bratt appears to draw physical influence from Michael Jackson and Freddy Mercury of Queen, which may offend some music fans as both are deceased. The inspiration from Michael Jackson is most obvious as he moonwalks on a pair of special skis up to a boat carrying a precious gem.

Balthazar Bratt draws heavy inspiration from Michael Jackson.
Balthazar Bratt draws heavy inspiration from Michael Jackson. [Image by Anton_Ivanov/Shutterstock.com]

From there, Bratt proceeds to throw a piece of special gum on deck, which explodes into a growing bubble. After using the distraction to steal the gem, Bratt then dances around Gru's attempts to fight him, once again channeling Michael Jackson, as well as possibly Capoeira.

Gru's relationship with Lucy starts to show maturity as she comes up with the couple name "Grucy," which he doesn't like.

Part of the plot of the film not seen in the trailer is where Gru encounters his long-lost brother Drew, a likable character who not much is known about at the moment aside from the fact that he is Gru's identical twin. He will look exactly the same except for long blonde hair and white clothes.

Bratt's backstory is that he is a former child star from the 80s whose TV series was canceled, and now he's angry with the world for mocking him in his teens, reports the International Business Times.

There are rumors that the minions will be central to the plot, but like with Drew, the Despicable Me 3 trailer doesn't seem to show much.

Will you be excited to see the latest animated addition to the Despicable Me franchise in July of 2017?

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