How Wheels Camaro To Be Released In 2013

The Hot Wheels Camaro will feature blue metallic paint with a black center stripe, red-line trimmed five-spoke rims, and, of course, a couple of Hot Wheels flames on the fender and trunk.

The toy-style upgrade will be offered as a $6,995 upgrade to the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro.

Fox News reports that Chevrolet will only be offering the upgrade to a limited amount of cars. The company hasn’t given a specific number but they did say that they will only offer the upgrade during the first quarter of 2013.

hot wheels camaro 2013The launch of the real-life Hot Wheels Camaro will mark the 45th anniversary of the famous toy. In 1968, Hot Wheels unveiled its original lineup of 16 cars, which included the Custom Camaro.

hot wheels camaro 2013If you can’t afford the $7000 upgrade, you’ll still be able to buy a toy version of the 2013 Hot Wheels car.

hot wheels camaro 2013