A Look Inside The Life Of ‘Ghost Adventures’ Lead Investigator Zak Bagans

When it comes to paranormal investigating, Zak Bagans is one of the best in his field. Bagans is the lead investigator and co-founder for the hit television series Ghost Adventures. Zak captivates fans with his honesty, persistence, dedication and even humor while trying to expose and document evidence of the paranormal. While Zak has been investigating for many years, some fans may still wonder who Bagans is off camera and why he continues to search for proof of the afterlife.

Bagans, age 39, did not always believe in ghosts. According to Bagan’s official website, Zak was skeptical about the paranormal until he came face-to-face with the spirit of a suicidal woman in 2002. It was after this occurrence that Zak became passionate about paranormal investigating and gathering evidence that spirits do exist.

Bagans was born in Washington D.C., then grew up in Glen Ellyn, Illinois where he graduated from Glenbard West High School in 1995. Bagans even returned to Glen Ellyn to film an episode of Ghost Adventures. After graduating high school, Zak went to film school in Michigan and then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he currently resides with his rescued dog Gracie. A strong advocate for the Nevada SPCA, Bagans took to Twitter just yesterday thanking them for Gracie and encouraging support of the organization.


Aside from filming Ghost Adventures with Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley, and Billy Tolley, Zak stays busy with other projects, including After Shocks and Deadly Possessions. After Shocks revisits past investigation locations to follow up and see how the lock-downs affected those involved. Deadly Possessions features haunted items Bagans has acquired for his new Las Vegas Haunted Museum.

Vegas Seven caught up with Zak to discuss and get his thoughts on his new museum. The location of Zak’s Haunted Museum is the Wengert House, constructed in 1938. The 30 plus rooms are filled with haunted items sure to evoke emotions in visitors as they learn of their dark secrets. Zak says, “The objects that I bring in here, they have a lot of things attached to them. It’s just a concentrated nuclear reactor of objects and energy.” Bagans went on to say, “In every room I want you to experience different energy, different emotions. … Between the sounds, the energy from the objects and the way things look, the moods will change.”

Not only does Bagans stay busy with investigating and his other television projects, Zak has also published two books. In 2001, his debut novel, Dark World, was released and immediately soared to the New York Times’ Bestsellers List. In 2015 Zak released his second novel, I am Haunted. In 2012, Bagans released a full-length album titled Necrofusion. The album topped the electronic music charts.

According to the Ghost Adventures Crew website, Zak and the boys are currently filming season 14 of the chilling show and will continue filming throughout 2017. Season 13 is currently airing on The Travel Channel with one more new episode, De Soto Hotel and Concordia Cemetery, to air January 7.

For those wanting to dive deeper into Bagan’s existence, Zak stays pretty mum about his personal life as far as dating. In the past, Bagans has said he is single and did not have time to date. Hopefully, when life slows down Bagans will find a lucky lady to share his time with. In the meantime, Zak seems content to hang with Gracie, work on gathering wicked possessions for his museum and chase spirits at haunted locations around the world.

While Zak does not reveal much about his dating life, he has shared a personal moment involving his grandmother. Dread Central shared details from Zak involving the Ghost Adventures investigation surrounding The Winchester Mystery House. Bagans revealed that during their first trip to this location he felt the moment his grandmother passed over from her earthly existence. Zak said, “Something happened to me at the precise moment that my grandmother died. She was three time zones away, but that didn’t matter. I believe that I felt something at that moment she passed… some bit of her mortality slipping away. It was a deeply personal experience for me that I’d rather not go into the details of, but this was something truly frightening to me that I felt inside.” This was the only lock-down the crew has walked away from without completing. They returned in 2016 to try it again.

What do you think of Zak Bagans? Stay tuned for more to come on Zak and Ghost Adventures.

[Featured Image by Zak Bagans/Instagram]