Blake Shelton Speaks Out To Universal Records, Wants Them To Do Right By ‘Voice’ Winner Sundance Head

Last night, the viewers saw Sundance Head win The Voice 2016. This gave Team Blake the win once again, and he couldn’t be happier. Now, Blake is speaking out about Universal Records, and he wants to make sure that they give Sundance the kind of record that he deserves. Yahoo Music shared the details about what Blake had to say in an interview after the show.

When someone wins The Voice, they get a record deal with Universal Records. That leaves it up to the company to take care of them and get the record done. It turns out that things aren’t always going the way that Blake feels like they should once someone wins the show. Here is what Blake had to say about the situation.

“I want to say one more thing here, because it’s important. I want to personally issue a challenge to Universal Records. This is Season 11 of The Voice, and I’m sitting here right now next to a guy who has won over America’s hearts. He’s so popular. … He has proven that he sells tons of music. His biggest-selling song, arguably, is going to be the song he wrote by himself.”

Blake Shelton was talking about Sundance’s song “Darlin’ Don’t Go.” This song went straight to the top of the iTunes charts, and it is one that Sundance wrote on his own. Blake Shelton went on to explain that he is hoping that they can come together with Universal Records. It is obvious that he wants to do what is best for Sundance and his career. Blake said that he plans to put in the work to help Sundance. Blake wants to see his record get made.

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It turns out that Universal Records didn’t put out albums for all of the winners of The Voice. This is probably what Blake Shelton is talking about saying they need to do it for Sundance. Season 2’s Jermaine Paul and Season 7’s Craig Wayne Boyd never released full albums after the show. Of course, Blake Shelton was expecting an album to happen when they won.

Blake Shelton isn’t the first coach from The Voice to speak out about something like this, though. Adam Levine made similar comments in the past when Jordan Rodgers won, and Jordan did end up getting a full album. They might have just done it, or Universal might have listened to Adam. Either way, Jordan’s career is now going strong.

USA Today shared that it turns out Blake Shelton didn’t even bet on Sundance to be the winner of The Voice this season. Sundance actually thought that Wé McDonald would win.

He said, “I thought for sure (third-place finisher) Wé (McDonald) was going to win. I was pulling for her the whole time. I voted for her (Monday) night 10 times.”

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Blake Shelton voted against Sundance in a bet with Adam Levine. He says it wasn’t because he didn’t think his guy would win, though.

Blake said, “I thought if I bet on you I would hex you.”

He didn’t want to take any chances of messing things up for his guy. It looks like Blake Shelton was wrong about the winner, and that was actually a good thing. Sundance was actually on American Idol before but didn’t make it very far. It turns out that The Voice was the right show for him.

Are you shocked to hear that Blake Shelton is speaking out about Universal Records? Do you think he is right about this? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss The Voice when it returns to NBC in February with an all new season.

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