Bill Clinton Continues Drastic Weight Loss As Rumors Continue

Back in 2010, Bill Clinton says he made a conscious choice to go vegan after emergency heart surgery. This radical change to a diet that was once heavy in saturated fats and red meat led to the pleasant side effect of drastic weight loss, but since the election, Clinton’s weight appears to have taken another dip, and those close to the former prez are allegedly concerned that something else might be going on.

Back when Bill Clinton was in the White House, Clinton was said to promote a wild atmosphere, with trips to McDonalds while he was out with the Secret Service dressed to jog. And earlier this year, a former Secret Service agent wrote a book telling tales from the Clinton White House, says the Inquisitr. The book alleges that Clinton carried on affairs with several women, including Eleanor Mondale, daughter of the former Vice President. The ex-agent likened the Clinton White House to “a whorehouse.” Post health crisis, Bill Clinton is said to have made serious lifestyle changes in order to stick around for his grandchildren.

But people close to the former president say that Bill Clinton continues to lose weight and that campaigning for Hillary was quite draining. Photos of Bill Clinton paint a picture of a man who is more and more gaunt, and even his hands look thin in comparison to his appearance when he was in office. After Clinton’s heart surgery, it looks like the wind was taken out of Clinton’s sails, but he started really working out and became a vegan, which means he took all animal fats out of his diet.


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But as the campaign dragged on, sources close to the Clinton camp began noticing changes in Bill Clinton’s coloring, energy level, and weight, says Radar Online. Some wonder if Clinton was privately battling another health crisis. Some, who prefer not to be named, are suggesting that it might be cancer.

“Something is seriously wrong and it appears to be cancer. You can’t help but notice the frailness, the weight loss.”

It is public knowledge that Clinton fought heart problems, and rumor has said that he is also battling a “Parkinson’s-like brain condition.” But the source says that Bill Clinton, who is 6’2″, now weighs in at a shocking 117 pounds. The source added that during the campaign, Bill Clinton was not being called on to do too much.

“You can tell Hillary’s campaign knew it, too. They didn’t use him much. They knew he was in bad shape.”

New York physician Dr. Stuart Fischer (who is not treating Clinton) says that Bill Clinton’s appearance has gone through a drastic change.

“[Clinton] looked 30 years older during the campaign. Either age or illness has caught up with him. Cancer is possible.”

A friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton says that the loss was devastating to Bill, and that he is “a shadow of his former self.”

Bill Clinton confirmed to the Huffington Post that if not for his radical change in diet, he would not be around now, and he feels that going vegan bought him some years, but he admits he is still under the care of doctors. He even said that his doctors asked him to step outside his vegan diet and eat some fish.

“I take blood tests often. But [my doctor] asked me to eat organic salmon once a week.”

The heart surgery was a real wake-up call, according to Bill Clinton.

“I might not be around if I hadn’t become a vegan.”

Do you think Bill Clinton looks like he’s lost additional weight?

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]