‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Michael Muhney Responds To The Petition Calling For His Rehire, Will He Return To ‘Y&R’ as Adam Newman in 2017?

The Young and the Restless fans launched a petition to bring Michael Muhney back to the CBS drama as Adam Newman. However, CBS has not revealed their plans for the iconic role to the viewers panicking at the thought that Adam may never return. Michael Muhney responded to the petition on Twitter, thanking his followers and adding more speculation about whether he could be coming back to the Young and the Restless.

Michael Muhney played the iconic role of Adam Newman on the Young and the Restless from 2009 to 2014. Muhney, who was arguably the best Adam Newman recast to date, has been rather coy when his fans asked if he signed a contract to return to the soap opera.


Many rumors were circulating about Michael Muhney’s departure in 2014, including an alleged sexual misconduct incident and his attitude infuriating his co-stars. Of course, it is all mostly rumors, and nothing was confirmed, but almost three years later, the Young and the Restless fans are still divided about how they feel about the talented actor and whether he should return as Adam.

Three years later, Michael believes he has grown as a person and actor and is ready to embrace a full time acting position, and many fans are hoping and praying that role will be Adam Newman on the Young and the Restless.


Muhney played Adam in a way that no one has yet to equal. Justin Hartley was a great recast, but his portrayal lacked the dark side that Adam should have. He is Victor 2.0, and part of his personality should be dark and calculating, which was something Michael Muhney proved that he could pull off with ease.

The Young and the Restless spoilers suggested that the new writer, Sally Sassman isn’t interested in bringing Adam back and plans to keep him dead for now. It is something that really upset the Young and the Restless viewers, and they demanded CBS make it right by rehiring Michael Muhney.


According to Soap Opera Weekly, the Young and the Restless fans launched a petition that has gained almost 1,200 signatures in the past few hours. The campaign is expected to pick up at least 5,000 more signatures in the next few days.

Michael reached out to his fans on Twitter stating that their love for him has “humbled” him. He went on to say that it makes him feel good that his hard work on the Young and the Restless is still being praised after a three-year absence. Michael added that reading the petition, and the viewer’s encouragement, “brought tears to his eyes.”


Even though Michael Muhney felt moved by the Young and the Restless fans’ support; he still didn’t confirm (or deny) his return. Something his followers picked up on right away.

The former Young and the Restless star did say that he is in a better place now than he was in 2014, and implying that he would handle his co-stars better now. He added that he allowed his ego and “hard-headedness” to get the best of him when dealing with “tough business decisions.”


The Young and the Restless and CBS’s policy is not to comment on upcoming storylines or actor’s contracts. Michael Muhney seems ready to come back and with Jill Farren Phelps gone, the Young and the Restless fans have remained hopeful that he can come back. Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea) and Sharon Case (Sharon) have both suggested that Michael would be an excellent recast choice since he knows the role and has a large fanbase.


The ball is in the Young and the Restless court. It’s up to them to rehire Michael Muhney and bring Adam back on the canvas.

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