‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Olivia Jerome Come Back For Revenge? A Few Clues Hint That She May Not Be Dead After All These Years

There is a lot of buzz going around the internet that Tonja Walker will be returning to General Hospital soon to reprise her role as mob baddie Olivia Jerome. This possibility has many viewers quite excited to have both the character and the actress back to wreak havoc once again in Port Charles. Although this is still just a rumor for now, there are a few hints here and there that this may indeed be true.

Not only is social media buzzing about this possible return, but there is also a report by Daytime Confidential that says Walker is in talks with General Hospital execs to make her way back on screen. The war between the Jerome family and the Corinthos family may get quite interesting if this should happen. It will certainly be quite a shock if she should suddenly show up.


This character was originally known as Olivia St John and was the daughter of Victor Jerome. This means that she is also the sister to Julian Jerome, who is currently being played by William DeVry. Unfortunately, Olivia met her demise by her brother back in 1990. However, everyone knows that no one really stays dead for too long in Port Charles.

Speculations that have been swirling around lately is that Olivia Jerome is actually the force behind the car bomb that killed Morgan Corinthos. Now the name of Oscar Jessup has been brought up as the person who is possibly giving orders to Julian. There are many hints that this all could be happening.

The first clue is that Oscar Jessup and Olivia Jerome have the same initials, and whoever Julian was talking to on the phone a while ago had on what looked to be a red blouse. It seems that Olivia did like to wear that color back in the day. Also, actress Tonja Walker has been busy lately retweeting various General Hospital posts, so this could be an indication that she is ready to come back to her old stomping ground.

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This scenario would certainly spice things up between the two mobster families. What about Julian? He is the one who killed his sister in the first place, and he has been acting like a true mobster, especially when he tried to kill Alexis. Fans are maybe hoping that Julian had a twin or something that would explain his horrible behavior. Maybe Olivia has Julian stashed somewhere?

It is also a strange coincidence that Valentin Cassadine is in town at the same time that this is all happening with the car bomb. He seems to have an agenda besides shocking everyone that Charlotte is his daughter with Lulu Falconeri. Could it be that Valentin is the real Oscar Jessup, not Olivia? Anything is possible at this point. He could be posing as Oscar and still be working with Olivia as well.

But for now, the possibility that Olivia Jerome is really Oscar Jessup seems to be the ongoing rumor. There may be another huge clue soon into who this mystery person is as Soaps She Knows says that Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital is expected to have an enemy who is lurking around in Port Charles. It could be that viewers will see if this someone is a male or female, or at least give any kind of indication as to who this could be. Even if this Oscar dude is actually someone new entirely, there still could be a chance that Ms. Jerome will still be tied to this storyline in the future.

What do you think, General Hospital fans? Would you love for Olivia Jerome to come back to Port Charles? Do you think she is the one who is responsible for killing Morgan Corinthos?

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