‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Posts Selfie With No Makeup And Challenges Other Women To Do The Same

Leah Messer posts selfie with no makeup

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has a new message for her fans. The mother-of-three took to Instagram on Tuesday to challenge women to post photos while wearing no makeup.

In her own cosmetics-free photo, Leah stated women don’t need makeup in order to be beautiful.

“We are beautiful without makeup ladies! I challenge you all to post a picture without makeup!!”

The image shows Messer smiling as she takes a selfie with what appears to be a bare face. She has her hair tied back in a bun as she showcases her “natural beauty.”

However, not all her fans are buying it. According to the International Business Times, fans called Messer out on her skincare routine helping her look good without cosmetics help.

“Of course it’s easier to feel beautiful without makeup when in reality you can afford high dollar facial products and things to keep your skin looking nice! Don’t let this fool you ladies.”

Other fans said it looks like the 24-year-old is indeed wearing some makeup in the photo and even accuse her of using a filter to help her complexion.

“That eyeliner though. Dark photo. Possible filter. Don’t fool yourself.”

However, fans were quick to point out that Messer has the eyeliner tattooed, which goes against her message of flaunting natural beauty. While Messer has a positive message to send to females, it doesn’t seem to be going over well with everyone.

On the contrary, other fans wholeheartedly accepted Leah’s challenge and posted comments in support.

“Yes we are! I don’t wear makeup unless we go out. Makeup free Everyday!!”

Leah Messer posts no makeup selfie

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In comparison, Leah posted a different selfie on Monday with makeup and better lighting. She’s seen with a tight-lipped smile and bright complexion as she asks fans what they’re thankful for every day. Her fans commented on the photo, telling Messer how healthy she looks after her public struggles with substance abuse and eating disorder rumors.

“Stunning baby. You look so fresh and healthy, its great to see.”

In a 2015 article, OK! magazine documented Leah’s battle with prescription pills. The Teen Mom star acknowledged she was taking prescription pain pills that would make her fall asleep and slur her words. Her pill addiction led to custody battles with ex Corey Simms over their twin daughters. Following her prescription pill controversy, Messer found herself denying rumors of anorexia this year.

She was rumored to have an eating disorder after posting a photo while wearing a bikini. Fans took to the Instagram share their concerns, according to People.

“She sure has lost a lot of weight…”

However, Leah spoke out against the allegations saying she was not suffering from an eating disorder. She pointed out there are other more important things for women to discuss besides her weight, and states she’s healthy despite what people may say.

“There is much more to women than our bodies. Yet many women seem to continually judge others, not by their character, but by their bodies. There are many more important issues going on in the world today than whether or not I had enough to eat for breakfast. (Side note: I had plenty.)”

Her latest selfies come on the heels of both her addiction and eating disorder rumors, and fans are taking the photos as proof Messer is healthy once again. She’s also posted plenty of photos of her three daughters as she battles custody rumors. Radar Online reported Leah is not seeking full custody of her two oldest daughters as she finds the agreement to be working for both her and Simms.

“I think the way that it is right now is great. It works for both of the kids and us.”

It seems Messer is finally on her way to a healthy, drama-free life with her three little girls.

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