‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 850: Carrot And Chopper Exploit Mirror World To Unite Straw Hats Gang, But Big Mom Locks Brooke, While Vinsmoke’s Angry About Reiju? [Spoilers]

‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 850: Carrot And Chopper Exploit Mirror World To Unite Straw Hats Gang For Big Faceoff With Big Mom, While Vinsmoke Clan Watches Silently? [Spoilers]

Chapter 850 of the immensely popular One Piece promises to be filled with intense emotion, drama, and action. While the previous chapter opened up at least one option to the Straw Hats gang to escape Big Mom’s clutches, a grievously injured Reiju has many fans worried about a sinister plot.

Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 849 spoilers and Chapter 850 speculations ahead.

In the previous chapter, Luffy D. Monkey and Nami’s situation remained unchanged. They continue to remain immobilized in Big Mom’s “Prisoner’s Library” on “Page 55.” However, other members of the Straw Hats gang, in pairs, had intense confrontations in different areas on the Whole Cake Island.

While Pedro had managed to defeat a significant portion of Big Mom’s “Barbarian Chess Army,” Brooke had overpowered the rest with his soul music. However, just as Brooke appeared to have an upper hand, Big Mom appeared. While mangaka Eiichiro Oda hasn’t indicated yet, it is possible Brooke may have been trapped in the Room of Offerings, in the very same locker that had the prized Road Poneglyphs. Meanwhile, Pedro was facing a large army in the courtyard. The army was led by Baron Tamago, who had a long history with Pedro. Moreover, Pedro said he has no intention of returning to his home country alive.

The most promising glimmer of hope, however, came from Carrot and Chopper. Through skillful manipulation of their captor’s powers, Carrot successfully tipped the scales in her favor by toppling the large vat of scalding hot soup over Big Mom’s powerful henchmen, and then, as an added measure, electrocuted them. Having conquered Brulee’s Mirror World, Carrot, and Chopper now command a very efficient teleportation platform. The Mirror World connects to every reflective surface in Whole Cake Island as well as in the chateau. Since Carrot has already displayed her ability to control the world, it is now possible for the duo to get anywhere there’s a mirror, and pull in people and objects. Hence it is quite likely that they will attempt to save Luffy and Nami first, before pulling away Pedro and Broke to safety.

While the members of the Straw Hats gang are trying to save Sanji, the chef is clearly head over heels in love with Big Mom’s daughter, Lady Pudding. Black Leg wishes to express his affection through food. However, mangaka Oda didn’t reveal Lady Pudding or her whereabouts during the entire chapter. There have been persistent speculations that Lady Pudding might kill herself. However, Pudding had promised Sanji that she would be his savior. Hence it is unlikely that Pudding would end her life in the hopes of saving Sanji from the wedding that was planned with pure political ambitions and intentions. Her absence is as peculiar as Reiju’s injuries.

Mangaka Oda surprised fans of One Piece with a rather shocking revelation about the only daughter of the Vinsmoke clan. A grievously injured Reiju stumbled across a dark alleyway within the Whole Cake Chateau. Reiju has always been a very calm and confident person. Moreover, mangaka Oda has portrayed her as a strong person who isn’t easily intimated and can easily defend herself since she has been trained alongside her brothers. Hence, it is quite perplexing to observe such a personality limping and dragging herself, while blood flowed from her injuries.

Theories indicate Reiju might have been the victim of Boa Hancock. “Pirate Empress” Boa Hancock, the captain of the Kuja Pirates, loves Luffy dearly. Her infatuation towards the Straw Hats captain borders on obsession. In earlier chapters, Reiju appeared impressed with Luffy’s abilities. Moreover, Reiju recently kissed Luffy to save him from fully ingesting poison. If Boa had seen or sensed this event, she would definitely become crazy and lash out at Reiju.

Chapter 850 of One Piece manga is expected to be released without a break. Where has Lady Pudding disappeared? Will Luffy and Nami escape Prisoner’s Library? Has Brooke managed to steal the Road Poneglyphs or has been trapped by Big Mom? Who hurt Reiju, and why? Hopefully, mangaka Eiichiro Oda reveals answers to these exciting questions in the upcoming chapter of One Piece.

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