Leah Remini Boldly Asks For Proof The LAPD Investigated The Whereabouts Of Shelly Miscavige

Leah Remini Boldy Asks For Proof The LAPD Investigated The Whereabouts Of Shelly Miscavige

Leah Remini is taking on Scientology and exposing the religion for what she believes everyone should see. The battle began when she had a very public split from the church. Remini grew up knowing only Scientology and as she aged, she progressed into higher rankings within the church. Other celebrities have also been affiliated with Scientology, most notably Tom Cruise and John Travolta. Now that she has walked away from the only life she knew, Remini is dedicated to exposing the alleged abuse and misconduct happening within the walls of the church.

Scientology and the Aftermath has been making a lot of waves because of Leah Remini. She decided to team up with some of the church’s ex-leaders and tell their stories in a documentary style series on A&E. The response from the church has been less than enthusiastic, and they have refused to partake in the show, even if only to share their response to the accusations. Remini has talked about her concern for Shelly Miscavige several times since leaving Scientology behind. In fact, she filed a public missing persons report with the LAPD in 2013. It was deemed unfounded and she was reportedly told the police had, in fact, spoken with Miscavige. According to Radar Online, Leah Remini has formally filed paperwork to get the proof that there was indeed an investigation done into Shelly Miscavige’s whereabouts. It was officially filed through her lawyer in court and she is not letting this one go.

Shelly Miscavige is the wife of Scientology leader, David Miscavige. She had grown up in the church and been a part of the close-knit group of L. Ron Hubbard’s “messengers.” Ironically, that is how she met her husband, David. The two rose to leadership in 1986 when Hubbard passed and Miscavige slipped his way into heading up the church. Leah Remini became increasingly concerned when Shelly seemed to have disappeared. Rumors were that David had become angry with his wife after she changed things on the base while he was away. The argument occurred in 2005, and it was then that witnesses reported Shelly just “disappeared.”

After her falling out with Scientology, Leah Remini took the allegations against David Miscavige public when she filed a missing persons report in 2013. There has been no public announcement of her passing, and Miscavige is still leading his people and is a huge presence among the people of Scientology today. Shelly Miscavige has reportedly not been seen in public since 2007. That is nearly a decade without so much as a glance of her. This claim has been highly disputed by the church but Remini insists it is the truth. She left there in 2013 and had not seen Shelly for several years prior.

The situations being exposed by Leah Remini on Scientology and the Aftermath speak volumes about what happens at the hands of David Miscavige. Several of the once-top leaders have joined along with Remini to tell their personal stories. Mike Rinder is one that sticks out. He has been talking about the conditions inside the church for years and he was once a right-hand man to Miscavige. With Remini behind the effort in finding Shelly Miscavige and filing what she needs to in order to get the information from the LAPD, some new details should be brought to light.

There has always been some skepticism about the religion but it has grown since Leah Remini has spoken out. It has been dubbed a cult with dangerous people in office. David Miscavige is known to be a vengeful man and the stories told by ex-leaders are scary ones. Remini knows all too well what happens when Scientology wages war on you. Instead of sitting back and turning the other cheek, Leah Remini is taking it head on.

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