Nicole Scherzinger And Boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov Protect Relationship After ‘X Factor’ 2016 Blunder, ‘Moana’ Star Works On Instagram

Nicole Scherzinger and her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov have been very public about their relationship. But it looks like the couple is ready to start protecting their romance, especially in the light of Nicole Scherzinger seeming "drunk" in the most recent X Factor episode. Grigor Dimitrov is also hard at work at his tennis career, which seemed to have lost a bit of momentum.

The fact that they are continuing to make public appearances in high-profile events show that they are not interested in hiding their relationship from the public.

"Nicole Scherzinger certainly seemed in good spirits as she followed her 25-year-old beau out of the British Fashion Awards in London on Monday," reports Daily Mail. "Hand in hand as they left the Royal Albert Hall, the couple - who have been dating for just over a year - seemed eager to get some alone time together."

Check out her breathtaking dress on Instagram!

It looks like their 13-year age difference has not hampered their romance. The first time that they were seen together was earlier this year in Australia. Grigor and Nicole made sure that they were very clear about their status by locking lips in public.

"Nicole, who was supporting her man at the Brisbane International tournament, looked very-loved up as she and Grigor strolled through the tennis grounds," reports Hello! Magazine. "Walking hand-in-hand, the pair stopped to kiss before Nicole, 37, affectionately wiped her lipstick mark off her boyfriend's lips."

Since then, the X Factor judge has been very open about how she talks about her relationship with the tennis star, saying things like settling down is on her mind and that she is very happy. But it looks like she wants to rein things in a bit as she and the Bulgarian tennis player get ready to celebrate their first-year anniversary.

"I'm happy, and I'm in a relationship, and we like to keep it our own business," she said to InStyle. "And that's it."

She appeared with her boyfriend at British Fashion Awards just days after the episode of X Factor, on which she was criticized for exhibiting intoxicated behavior.

"The 38-year-old tripped up mere moments into the final, and had to be held up by fellow judge Simon Cowell as she struggled with her dress," reports Daily Star. "She laughed off the gaffe as she took to the stage to support Matt Terry before his win against Saara Aalto. Later in the night, she broke down as she thanked her contestant Matt Terry for his hard work during the series."

The 38-year-old singer is trying to put that in the past as she lets the public in on her career goals. She recently did a voice part for the smash-hit Pixar movie Moana and also revealed that she has hopes of leaving "a legacy" behind as an artist. When she was asked about her relationship to Instagram, on which she has yet to post a picture of her boyfriend, she said that is a part of her image that she is still working on.

"You have all these people who have millions and millions [of followers], but I don't really know what they do," she said to InStyle. "I'm rubbish at it. I have to work really hard, and it doesn't come naturally. I don't naturally want to share everything with the world like that."

"I want people to get to know me, but it's more important for me to be known for something: for my art, for a legacy," she added. "That's what I need to do the work on, as opposed to just farting around."

Meanwhile, Grigor is still working to improve his rankings. Having fallen to number 35 last year, he has steadily climbed the ATP rankings and now stand at world number 17.

But all this hard work is invariably making him miss his vacation days. Check out the 25-year-old player wishing that his holidays were longer on Instagram.

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[Featured Image by Joel Ryan/AP Images]