Kanye West A Donald Trump Ambassador? Trump Reportedly Wants Kanye In That Role

Kanye West performs during the Kanye West: The Saint Pablo Tour

Kanye West and Donald Trump met earlier today at Trump tower, but no one knew exactly what the meeting was about. Trump said that he and Kanye are “good friends” and implied that they were just getting together for a friendly chat, but it turns out the President-Elect may have had something more serious in mind.

President-Elect Donald Trump and Kanye West

Even if Trump had political reasons for the meeting, many people are not impressed. American military veterans group, Vote Vets, made a statement about the Trump-West meeting at a time when Trump has refused to take security briefings intended to protect troops. The group said that Trump “believes it is more important to meet with Kanye West than receive security briefings.”

According to a new report, Trump and Kanye met to “discuss a potential role for the rapper” that would see West be closely involved with the new government once Trump becomes President.

A Kanye insider spoke to E! News about the plans. Although there weren’t many details available yet, the scoop is that Trump “reached out to West” and asked him to the meeting.

The president-elect considers West to have a lot of potential to contribute to the kind of things he wants to accomplish while in office, and has tapped Kanye for an “entrepreneurial leadership role.”

Trump believes in Kanye’s business sense and wants him on side because of his skills and talents.

“Trump thinks he’s a great role model when it comes to business.”

It wouldn’t be a “spot in the cabinet” but Kanye would be very involved in the day-to-day work of the government according to the source. Hollywood Life describes the plans that Trump has for Kanye as “extremely unclear” so far.

Some observers are poking fun at the idea, and the satire tweeter, Donald Trump’s Diary, wasted no time pointing out that Kanye has mental health issues.

There’s no firm statement of “what this could mean as far as West working with the President once he’s put into office,” and Yeezy fans will have to wait to see what comes of the Trump Tower visit.

“[I]t will be very interesting to see what these two get into together.”

West has only been out of the hospital for under two weeks after his much-publicized breakdown from exhaustion and ongoing dehydration. He didn’t let concern for his health stop him as he also fit in some recording time and a visit to the Financial District.

After the meeting with Trump. reporters asked about the possibility that West would be offered a cabinet position, but Trump made no mention of more than a “personal relationship” with the Saint Pablo rapper. “Just friends, just friends, and he’s a good man,” Trump replied to questions about the meeting with Kanye. “Doing well, long time.”

“We’ve been friends for a long time. We discussed life.”

West also wouldn’t answer questions about whether he planned to run for President himself and “take Trump down in the 2020 election.” In 2015, Kanye announced his intention to run for President in 2020, but he’s been very quiet about the idea of a presidential run since Trump was elected.

President-Elect Donald Trump and Kanye West

The “Famous” rapper refused to comment, and would only say that he wanted to “take pictures” as he and Trump posed for photographers after their meeting.

Shortly later, the news broke that the reason for the meeting was so that Trump could talk to Kanye about the “ambassadorial role” he wants the rapper to play in the new government.

President-Elect Trump has been holding meetings at Trump Tower with heads-of-state, business leaders, potential cabinet members, and friends like Kanye West. He’s scheduled to hold a “tech summit” at Trump Tower with “a who’s-who of Silicon Valley elite” coming up soon, including “the heads of Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.”

What do you think of Trump’s reported proposal for West?

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