Sherien Almufti, Phaedra Parks’ Ex Apollo Nida’s Fiancee, Speaks Out Their Relationship

Sherien Almufti, the fiancee of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks’ ex Apollo Nida, has spoken out about her relationship with Apollo. On Monday, Sherien posted a clip of the interview she did with TMZ, during which she talked about when her relationship with Apollo began and their recent engagement.

Previously, TMZ reported that Apollo and Sherien’s relationship began before he reported to prison in September of 2014 when he was still married to Phaedra. During her interview, Sherien clarified that she and Apollo did not start dating until after he began his prison term. According to Sherien, they were just friends in 2014 and that the romantic relationship didn’t start until later on.

“We had a really, we had a friendship before anything else.”

Sherien also revealed that she was actually the person who drove Apollo to prison that day in September two years ago.

“I took him there. I had to drive him.”

When the TMZ interviewer again asked Sherien whether she was first friends with Apollo and then the romantic relationship and engagement happened later, Sherien confirmed it. She also again repeated that she was the one who took Apollo to Kentucky’s FMC Lexington facility to begin his eight-year prison sentence for fraud. In December of 2015, Apollo was transferred New Jersey’s FCI Fort Dix facility in New Jersey.

“Right. Correct. We were already friends. And I drove him as a friend. I went to visit him as a friend. And you know our friendship flourished to what it is today.”

In September of 2014, Us Weekly reported that Apollo Nida reported to prison a day late. Instead of turning himself on Wednesday, September 10, Apollo instead showed up to the marital home that he shared with Phaedra Parks. The incident was caught by a camera crew and later aired in a Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 episode. Apollo stomped around the house in a threatening manner and angrily confronted Phaedra, who just happened to be changing the locks at that moment, about not supporting him. Apollo, who drove himself to the house, also accused Phaedra of cheating on him and “brainwashing” people.

“You want to cheat on me? Stop f**king playing with me Phaedra…Listen to me one second. Do not call the police…You’ve always left me. You left me for my sentencing. You left me when I was supposed to report…You pray for me? You should, you took everything away from me!…Make sure you mail me my key and my fob…You know you got all these people brainwashed…make sure you do what’s right and have what’s available to me once I get home, please.”

Apparently, since Phaedra wouldn’t drive Apollo to prison, Sherien stepped up and did it.

During her interview, Sherien Almufti also joked about her paper towel engagement ring. When asked about her ring, Sherien, with a laugh, admitted that it has dissolved in water.

“My ring dissolved in something called water.”

Last week, Sherien proudly showed off her chocolate brown prison paper towel ring.

Sherien’s Instagram post about her TMZ interview received some negative comments. One person sarcastically wondered if there aren’t better options out there other than Apollo.

“Nope,” Sherien replied with a smile.

“the30daydifference: THere isn’t enough free tax paying d**k out here in all these 50 States?”

“queensherien: @the30daydifference Nope????”

On Sunday, TMZ published the engagement photos that Sherien and Apollo took from inside prison. The photos, taken in front of a curtain background depicting a pretty alleyway, show Apollo in a brown jumpsuit while Sherien is in a tight black top, jeans, and heels. In one photo, they’re holding hands. In another, Apollo’s hugging her from behind. The date stamp shows that the photos were taken last week.

As the Inquisitr reported, Phaedra responded to Apollo’s engagement to Sherien during her Watch What Happens Live appearance on Sunday night with a very short and simply comment. Phaedra also confirmed that, despite conflicting reports, she and Apollo are indeed divorced now.

While Sherien didn’t confirm whether viewers will see her on The Real Housewives of Atlanta during her TMZ interview, as has been reported by various outlets, it’s clear that her relationship with Apollo will be a shown as a storyline. Indeed, a clip has come out of Sherien filming a scene with Kandi Burruss’ husband, Todd Tucker, and Cynthia Bailey’s ex, Peter Thomas, at Kandi and Todd’s Old Lady Gang restaurant.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Real Housewives executive Andy Cohen recently pretty much confirmed that viewers will see and hear about Apollo Nida’s relationship and engagement to Sherien Almufti in “unbelievable” footage that will air later in the season. Phaedra Parks’ former friend Kandi has also revealed that she was there when Sherien showed up to her restaurant.

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