Joy-Anna Duggar Enjoys Courtship, Not Looking To Rush Things

Joy-Anna Duggar is just getting her feet wet in the courting realm. She has reportedly been seeing Austin Forsyth since August, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed. The Duggars are holding out on all of the details until Season 3 of Counting On begins airing next month. Information on Joy-Anna and Austin is scarce, leaving a lot up to speculation and rumored theories.

Recently, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth went out to celebrate his birthday. Since the rules of courting require adult supervision at all times, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar happily tagged along on their date. It seemed like everyone was having a good time from the photo share by the family’s blog. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Joy-Anna Duggar is being watched closely by her parents because they want her to have a better experience courting than her sisters did. It is implying that Jim Bob wants more control this time around since both Jessa and Jinger were a little more relaxed with the courting process than he would have liked.


Courting is something Duggar fans are fascinated by. All of the girls who have decided to court have married the man they were with while Josiah Duggar ended his courtship without a second thought. Joy-Anna has known Austin Forsyth for several years, and it looks like this will also end up in a marriage when the time is right. She is not rushing into anything and seems to be enjoying taking her time and getting to spend more and more time with him. There has been a lot of criticism about Duggar’s age as she is only 19, and some fans might not feel she is ready to settle down, but Joy-Anna insists this feels right to her.

The entire Duggar family has been surrounded by controversy for the last 18 months. Joy-Anna Duggar talked about how she was affected by her brother’s actions on Counting On, leading viewers to believe it was hard for her to forgive him. She seemed to be with Jana about how it was hard, at least more for them than some of the other siblings. In fact, both Jana and Joy-Anna have been compared on many occasions. They are both incredibly mild-mannered, patient, and obedient.

It appears that despite rumors, Joy-Anna Duggar is enjoying her life right now. She is courting her friend, and they are not rushing to walk down the aisle. Austin Forsyth is older than Duggar by four years, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue. The Duggars approved of his request to ask Joy-Anna to court, and his family is also supportive of the young couple. She is more relaxed than some of her sisters, and there is anticipation that this courting process could last as long as a year before the couple gets engaged. Of course, that could all change once more of their relationship is revealed on Season 3 of Counting On.

January is just around the corner, and that is when more information about Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth will be available. The family is good about keeping information to themselves and using it to draw viewers into the show. Images of Joy-Anna with Austin are few and far in between, but it was confirmed that he attended Jinger’s wedding with her. They seem as if they are enjoying each other’s company, and if the rumors are correct, they have been seeing each other for four months. Duggar hasn’t talked about an engagement, but one could be coming in order to boost ratings. Joy-Anna Duggar looks happier than she has ever been since viewers have gotten to know her over the years, and it looks like Austin Forsyth might be the one she has been waiting and hoping for.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Twitter]