‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 7: Creator Talks Zombie Drama As Gore Makes Bloody Comeback

The Walking Dead proved to TV producers that when it comes to gore, blood rules. But while audiences have cheered for the show, The Walking Dead has been more like a funeral than a touchdown when it comes to scoring major awards. Now the creator is dishing up some secrets (warning, spoilers ahead) in offering a sneak peek to the zombie drama, while some fans are mourning the fact that once again, The Walking Dead has been overlooked in the awards season.

The Golden Globes were just announced, and Undead Walking pointed out that despite the popularity of The Walking Dead, it got zero nominations.

“Awards shows aren’t always kind to The Walking Dead,” summed up the Undead.

But in the world of The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, the show must go on.

The cast of "The Walking Dead" pose.
The cast of “The Walking Dead” pose. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Joined by one of the AMC zombie drama’s most recent victims, the creator offered his thoughts on The Walking Dead, which returns for the second half of its seventh season February 12, noted the Hollywood Reporter. The drama is based on Kirkman’s comic series.

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his Saviors reigned in The Walking Dead midseason finale in having their way with the people of Alexandria. But when it comes to Spencer Monroe (Austin Nichols)? Bring in the gore.

Spencer’s death paralleled the comics, as Negan slashed his stomach. And the actor himself is content with the manner of his death.

“I’m glad it wasn’t a walker in the woods; I’m glad it was Negan,” summed up Nichols.

“It was bada*s.”

The Walking Dead actor did confess that during his time on the drama, he had hopes that Spencer would turn into a surviving hero. But because of the plot of the comics, he was not shocked to learn that his character would experience a bloody death.

Andrew Lincoln attends the premiere of "The Walking Dead."
Andrew Lincoln attends the premiere of “The Walking Dead.” [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

The Walking Dead creator Kirkman also dished on Daryl killing off the Savior famed as “Fat Joey.” Kirkman views it as a way to show just how much has altered for fan favorite Norman Reedus.

“Daryl has been the peacemaker, telling Rick in past seasons, ‘We still need to bring people in and trust people,'” pointed out Kirkman. “And to see him snap shows how hard it has been for him at the Sanctuary and how much Negan has gotten under his skin.”

As to the names of characters in The Walking Dead, Kirkman revealed his secret, noted ComicBook.

First The Walking Dead creator creates names, then does a Google search to check on whether there’s a real person with that name. In the case of the villain Negan, Kirkman explained that he “wanted the name to sound negative in some way, so I was calling him ‘Nagus’ for a long time.”

But then he realized there was a slight problem with that invention: Someone else had already snagged it.

“Apparently that’s the Ferengi leader in Star Trek: Deep Space 9, so I was like, ‘Well I can’t call him Nagus.’ So then I was like, ‘Okay, Negan, that sounds fine,'” Kirkman explained.

The Walking Dead creator also offered a few hints about what will happen, particularly in the what-was-that post-credits scene, which showed a person in boots spying on Father Gabriel, noted E News.

Asked to whom the boots belong, Kirkman held onto the mystery.

“All I can say is that those boots, you’ll definitely recognize those from earlier—they’re connected to that boat scene—and you know, that’s a big part of what we’re dealing with when we come back next half of the season, so we’ll be revealing that soon,” promised The Walking Dead creator.

And he also issued another promise for the future.

“Whole group back together, ready to kick some a*s.”

The derriere-kicking will begin when The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, February 12 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

[Featured Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images for AMC]