‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3: Bryan Cranston Directing An Episode, ‘Breaking Bad’ Crossover Revealed

Better Call Saul is the prequel to Breaking Bad, and critics are saying it is just as good, if not better. In Season 3 of Better Call Saul, we get to see Jimmy McGill take more steps in what transform him into Saul Goodman. Bryan Cranston, who played Walter White in Breaking Bad may also be involved behind the scenes. The official release date for the third season is yet to be announced; however, the popular series was renewed early and will most likely follow the schedule of the first two seasons and get released in February 2017.

Bob Odenkirk, who plays Jimmy McGill in AMC’s Better Call Saul, won for Best Actor in a Drama Series at the 22nd annual Critics’ Choice Awards. The Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad star also won the award last year for his portrayal of McGill. Odenkirk has described his character as more innocent than Saul in Breaking Bad.

Season 2 leaves Jimmy in quite the predicament as he has been caught by his brother Chuck after he confessed to doctoring the Mesa Verde documents to help Kim Wexler secure the client. Chuck expertly recorded Jimmy confessing to what could see him disbarred from practicing law. This has led many fans to predict that this is why he changes his name to Saul. The writers of the series Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan have not yet given a timeline as to when we see Jimmy become Saul.

One of the confirmed Breaking Bad crossovers is Gus Fring, but his presence during the season will likely be minimal due to the characters secrecy and preference to meet people only when it’s necessary. In Breaking Bad, Gus Fring went to extreme lengths to hide his involvement in the drug business. Even going as far as working in one of his front businesses called Los Pollos.

In an interview with Digital Trends, Vince Gilligan reveals that Bryan Cranston might direct an episode of Better Call Saul Season 3. Some fans suspect that this is a cover up for a Walter White appearance. However, the interview confirms that Cranston at least visited the set of the series:

“We would love to have Bryan direct, and I think he’d love to direct one. He wants to — it’s just a matter of fitting it into his schedule. Now that James Brown has passed on, Bryan Cranston is the hardest working man in show business. He visited the set recently, which was wonderful. I was directing the first couple of episodes of season three, and within the last few weeks, Bryan came to Albuquerque and visited the set because he was in town to do press for his autobiography [A Life in Parts] — which, by the way, is a great book.”

Better Call Saul Season 3 will most likely feature Jimmy and Mike working together. Bob Odenkirk has expressed interest in seeing him work more with Mike. Little is known about Saul Goodman’s personal life in Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul gives us a rare glimpse behind the eccentric lawyer.

The series has shown us flashforwards of Jimmy McGill after the events of Breaking Bad, as well as flashbacks showing new details about his life. It is unclear what Chuck plans on doing with the evidence, but Jimmy McGill has the legal right to put him in a mental institution. Therefore, Slippin’ Jimmy may have some more tricks up his sleeve.

Kim Wexler is part of Jimmy’s timeline, but there is no mention of her when he becomes Saul. So far, Kim and Chuck are to two people Jimmy cares about the most. Which one pushes him over the edge.

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