‘Alaskan Bush People’ Still Haven’t Paid Their $12K Fine

Family of 'Alaskan Bush People'

Billy Brown and his son Bam Bam of Alaskan Bush People could be in some hot water. It turns out these two stars of Alaskan Bush People have still not paid their $12k fine that is owed. They aren’t to the deadline just yet, but everyone expected them to be paying on it already. Radar Online shared the details about how Billy and Bam Bam still owe this fine, but for some reason haven’t paid it. You know that the Brown family makes good money off their show, so this isn’t a huge amount that they couldn’t afford. So far, the Brown family of Alaskan Bush People has been quiet about why they haven’t paid any of their fine just yet.

It has been almost a year since the two guys from Alaskan Bush People were sentenced and told to pay this $12,000 fine. You would think that it would have been paid off by now, but they haven’t done it. They were sentenced on felony charges of unsworn falsification and theft.

The pair of Alaskan Bush People was sentenced for lying on forms and saying that they were living in Alaska when they were not, but they were still cashing the checks for being a citizen of the state. They were told to pay this fine but were also put on house arrest. Billy and Bam Bam almost went to jail but were lucky enough to get house arrest instead. They are not late on the fine yet. The entire thing is required to be paid by January 11, 2017, so they may be deciding to wait and pay it all at the last minute. They still have about a month to handle paying off this big debt that they owe.

Beauty of Alaska

A spokesperson for Juneau Trial Court confirmed that they have still not received anything from the guys from Alaskan Bush People. They were actually accused of scamming the Alaskan government out of $27,000. Billy did take a plea deal but has always continued to say that he was innocent and didn’t do anything wrong at all.

People shared that Alaskan Bush People just returned with all new episodes. The fans can’t wait to see what the Brown family is up to now that they are back on television again. “This year is all about a self-sustaining homestead,” Billy Brown says in the trailer. It really does look like things have changed a lot since last year, and that they are really getting things set up again for the family of Alaskan Bush People. One of the Brown sons even says it is becoming more like a town now. They call it Browntown, and that is what they really want it to be.

Matt Brown is back on Alaskan Bush People after spending a bit of time in rehab. The viewers are glad to see him back. They have also added a new cow named Sabrina to the family. The Brown men haven’t found love just yet, though. You never know when they will end up adding a wife to the family, and that will really change things up when it finally happens. They have been seen dating a bit, but they just haven’t found that perfect girl to add to Browntown.

The beauty in Alaska

Are you shocked to hear that the stars of Alaskan Bush People haven’t paid their fine yet? Do you feel they need to pay this ASAP? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don’t miss new episodes of Alaskan Bush People on Discovery on Wednesday nights. The new season just started, and you do not want to miss all of the drama that is going to happen this season.

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