‘The Vampire Diaries’ Fans To Boycott Season 8 Until Nina Dobrev’s Return Is Confirmed

The Vampire Diaries fans are threatening to boycott the remainder of the final season until it’s revealed if actress Nina Dobrev will be bringing back her fan favorite character, Elena Gilbert.

After Dobrev left the CW vampire series last year, fans have been urging the star to return to the drama one final time, yet those behind the scenes are still yet to confirm if Nina will be back for the final episodes of Season 8, despite the series finale now being just a matter of weeks away.

Some of The Vampire Diaries‘ dedicated fans took to social media to make it clear that they had no plans to tune in to further episodes of the show until Nina’s return was officially confirmed, with some even calling other viewers to boycott both Dobrev and the popular vampire series until the show’s producers confirm Elena’s return.

“Can we boycott Nina Dobrev until she makes an appearance on The Vampire Diaries?” Twitter user @Bethetarian asked on December 12, while The Vampire Diaries fan @barloubrajae tweeted out, “Elena Gilbert Is The Vampire Diaries. I will boycott the show without Nina Dobrev.”

The Vampire Diaries cast

“Boycott #TVD if we don’t get a #Delena and #Steroline happy ending,” @Ghostchattter94 added, and @MichelleReneeF2 wrote on the 140-character site of a boycott, “I don’t feel like watching until Nina returns. It’s not TVD without her. I’ll watch it when she comes back.”

Nina’s potential return to The Vampire Diaries is still yet to be confirmed by the actress or those behind the scenes of the show despite the series finale expected to air in March 2017, but while fans are still waiting for official confirmation, both Nina and those behind the scenes have been dropping hints about her possible return in recent weeks.

Dobrev most recently very coyly teased that she could be back during an interview at the 2016 American Music Awards, where she dodged a question about her rumored return on the red carpet.

When asked if she’d be making one final appearance in Season 8 before The Vampire Diaries takes its final bow in March, Dobrev coyly replied, “That’s a good question. That’s a very, very good question.”

Nina Dobrev wasn’t keen to give away any concrete details, though the actress did then tease, “You should ask the producers. You should ask the powers that be above.”

Some The Vampire Diaries fans were quick to take Nina’s reluctance to shut down rumors of her return to the series as a sign that Dobrev will in fact be back one final time next year, as Nina’s cryptic response also came shortly after producer Julie Plec revealed that Nina had previously promised to return.

Plec confirmed that Dobrev had agreed to reprise her role one final time upon leaving the show in a recent interview with Digital Spy, where she revealed that she’s hoping to see Nina back one final time as rumors swirl that the actress could potentially return as Elena’s doppelganger Katherine, as reported by UnrealityTV.

Nina Dobrev & Julie Plec

“[Nina has] said she would [come back] and I want her to,” Plec told Digital Spy last month when asked about Dobrev heading back to The Vampire Diaries for at least one of the final few episodes, even going as far as to call ending the show without Nina as being “devastating.”

“It becomes a matter of logistics and if we become victim to logistics, then that would be devastating,” Julie said when asked about Dobrev returning to The Vampire Diaries as either Nina or Katherine, but did not officially confirm at the time that the actress would be back. “I’m hoping that’s not even going to be an issue,” Plec added.

The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursday nights on The CW.

Do you think Nina Dobrev will return to The Vampire Diaries before the series finale?

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