‘The Voice’ Finale & 2016 Winner Show: Justin Bieber Cheers Team Adam Levine’s Billy Gilman

After weeks of battle rounds, knockout fights, and banter between coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus, and Alicia Keys, The Voice 2016 finale has arrived, and it’s almost time to crown a winner. And although views on who deserves to win might differ, Justin Bieber made it clear that he believes in one of Team Adam’s contenders.

USA Today noted that Team Adam’s Billy Gilman soared by singing Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” stunning Voice viewers by beginning a cappella and sporting a classic tux.

Billy made Justin Bieber a believer, and Justin turned to Twitter to apologize to Blake Shelton as he pledged allegiance to Team Adam and Levine’s contender Gilman.

When Billy realized that Bieber had wished him “good luck,” The Voice contestant was so excited that he re-tweeted the post and expressed his OMG excitement.

However, despite Bieber’s belief in Billy, it’s still a race to The Voice finale and declaration of the winner, and E News pointed out that while Gilman proved his power, there are other contestants who could turn the finale into a nail-biting conclusion before the 2016 winner is announced.

Team Adam Levine is in it to win it on "The Voice" finale.

Team Adam’s Josh Gallagher is a country singer who got The Voice crowd excited with “Jack and Diane,” but E News noted that “based on his performance with Adam in their Santana duet, he’s the weakest of the bunch, vocals-wise.”

It’s not a Voice finale without someone quirky, and Team Blake Shelton’s Sundance Head brought that element to the show. But beyond his name, Sundance has the voice and songwriting skills to add some suspense to the 2016 Voice winner race.

Team Alicia Keys is staying strong with Wé McDonald, and Alicia turned to Twitter to share her enthusiasm for her contestant.

When it comes to the final four, the Hollywood Reporter told readers that McDonald’s original song, “Wishes,” offers “a strong example of what kind of McDonald would make as a professional singer.”

As for her coach, Keys proudly opined that Wé possesses “unlimited potential.”

For part one of The Voice finale, Miley Cyrus was sidelined when it came to rooting for her team because she had zero contestants vying to become the 2016 winner, reported Billboard.

Each of the final four artists sang three times, performing a duet with his or her coach, a new cover, and an original song. The duets ranged from piano playing beauty to guitar-plucking groovy.

Alicia Keys joined her contestant for a duet on "The Voice" finale.

Keys and McDonald played pianos as they teamed up for their duet, the Stevie Wonder version of “Ave Maria.” A children’s choir added exquisite notes to the rendition, and Alicia’s contestant showed her opera training power.

Gilman and Levine did justice to “Bye Bye Love,” having fun with the lyrics and vying for singing charisma.

So who closed out the night to stun?

Twitter lit up as McDonald “closed out the night with a spectacular performance of Barbra Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade,'” noted Billboard, which called her “the most technically impressive singer” in the battle to become The Voice 2016 winner.

As for how the contestants are feeling, ET talked with Josh Gallagher, Billy Gilman, We McDonald and Sundance Head after part one of The Voice‘s two-part season 11 finale, with all eyes on the prize of being the 2016 winner.

“To be honest with you, [there were] no nerves,” said Gallagher about his Monday performances.

And he expressed his pride in their achievements.

“We made the top four, the finals on The Voice. Not many people can say that they’ve done that.”

While Josh wasn’t nervous, Head confessed that he is “always nervous” when singing for an audience.

“I really want to put myself out there every time I’m on stage. I feel like people can really tell when you do that,” he noted.

For McDonald, after working with the other contestants on The Voice for so long, the experience in itself made her feel as if she won. She expressed her support for the other singers.

“I feel like I won regardless of what happens,” McDonald emphasized.

“Whatever happens, the person who wins deserves it.”

As for Team Adam’s Billy, Gilman is focused on his performance with Kelly Clarkson, slated to be one of the highlights of The Voice finale along with the announcement of the 2016 winner.

“She sings so flawlessly… she’s so humble and so kind and such an amazing mom,” praised Gilman. “I don’t know how she does it.”

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]