Sharon Kinne, Patricia Jones: 'La Pistolera' Killer's Story On ID's 'A Crime To Remember' -- Where Is She Now?

Traciy Reyes

No one has ever stopped talking about the mysterious case of Sharon Kinne, the female killer known as "La Pistolera." Her story will air on Investigation Discovery's A Crime to Remember. Sharon Kinne escaped a Mexican prison after her conviction, and she hasn't been seen since.

Telling the story on the A Crime to Remember episode "Luck Be A Lady" are crime experts, police detectives, and possibly family members. One of the best resources for the crimes of Sharon Kinne is the book I'm Just an Ordinary Girl: The Sharon Kinne Story by James C. Hays.

Woman Dressed In Black Sweater and Yellow Skirt Found Dead in Forest

In Missouri, the body of a woman was found dead in the woods in the summer of 1960. The remote strip was known as a lovers lane area. The victim had been shot multiple times. Police detectives identified her as Patricia Jones.

The circumstances of the murder could have been that Patricia Jones, a married woman, had met someone in this lover's lane spot to have a romantic encounter that turned deadly. However, the truth was more unbelievable.

The last person to see her alive was Sharon Kinne, another married Missouri housewife, who was having an affair with Patricia Jones' husband, Walter Jones, according to the St. Joseph News Press.

Walter, a car salesman, had met Sharon Kinne and had impregnated her with his child during the affair. Sharon Kinne was in love with Walter and wanted him all to herself. When he refused to leave his wife, who was by all accounts a gorgeous woman, Sharon Kinne plotted to kill her.

She carried out her plot by luring Patricia Jones to the remote area and then shot her to death as Patricia cried, screamed, and begged for her life.

Kinne loved shooting Patricia. For her, it was thrilling. She thought of herself as a self-made bad girl ever since she was acquitted in the murder of her husband James Kinne, who died a month prior.

In that shooting, which occurred at the couple's home, Sharon Kinne shot James Kinne as he slept. Then, she blamed her 2-year-old daughter, Dana Kinne, for the murder.

The detectives believed the housewife's story and ruled the death an accident, and Sharon cashed in on a $25,000 life insurance policy. However, when she killed Patricia Jones, police decided to take a closer look at the death of James Kinne, according to Murderpedia.

"The case was closed as an accidental death and remained that way until the evening of May 27, when the body of twenty-three-year-old Patricia Jones, a local file clerk, was found by Kinne and a boyfriend in a secluded area When Kinne admitted to having been the last person to speak to Patricia Jones, she was charged with Jones's death and, upon further investigation of his death, with the murder of James Kinne."

Sharon Kinne Heads To Mexico Then Vanishes

However, when the pistol-packing killer arrived in Mexico, she killed a Mexican man named Francisco Parades Ordonez. That killing occurred at the hotel where the two were to engage in a sexual encounter. The man had no idea that Sharon really plotted to rob and kill him.

The Mexican authorities actually convicted Sharon Kinne of murder and sentenced her to 10 years in prison. When she arrived, the other Mexican inmates were terrified of the white American woman, who they began calling La Pistolera, which means female gunfighter in Spanish.

Inside the prison, she ruled the grounds, and she often taunted the other female inmates by acting tough.

In December of 1969, Sharon Kinne disappeared from the Mexican prison. Her disappearance was discovered during a routine bed count. No one knows what happened to Sharon Kinne. Author Jim Hayes believes that Sharon Kinne escaped and is still alive. Others believe that Sharon Kinne had help escaping prison and fled to Guatemala.

However, for many, a more realistic theory was that Sharon Kinne never returned to the United States but was eventually killed in Mexico.

If anyone is familiar with Mexico's criminal history, they'll know that it is notorious for its unsolved disappearances and its mass graves.

As of 2012, Sharon Kinne's daughters, Danna and Marla, were still alive and living normal lives. Kinne's son died several years ago, according to James Hays.

The Sharon Kinne story appeared on Unsolved Mysteries and Deadly Women.

Be sure to watch how A Crime to Remember lays out the case. It airs tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery (ID). Last week's intriguing episode was about Caril Fugate and Charles Starkweather.

What do you believe? Is Sharon Kinne alive, or did she die in Mexico?