Amy Schumer On ‘Ellen’ Gives ‘Graphic Details’ About Her Food Poisoning In Paris


On Ellen, Amy Schumer gave graphic details about her food poisoning in Paris. And, it was hilarious.

In her typical hysterical manner, the Trainwreck actress had Ellen DeGeneres in tears. Ellen laughed so much that she had to wipe her tears off. It was not only Ellen who reacted likewise to Schumer giving a detailed description of what happened in Paris. The entire crowd on Ellen erupted as well.

Schumer was talking about her vacation in September with Ben Hanisch, and, she really thought that her relation with her boyfriend would be over after what happened in Paris. It was a case of severe food poisoning. First, it was Hanisch who was affected by it, but, then Schumer ended up with it as well.

Amy described the hotel room they were in. They wanted to have a romantic vacation together in the “intimidating” city. But, what happened next was far from romantic. Schumer said they had this kind of a bathroom which was far from being soundproof. Even if someone cleared the throat, everyone in the room could hear it.

Amy Schumer On Ellen
Amy Schumer talked about her food poisoning in Paris on Ellen [Image by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]

This detail was important to truly understand what happened next. When Schumer had the food poisoning, she had a tough time keeping things silent for obvious reasons. The crowd on the Ellen show was already bursting into laughter, and so was Ellen. But, it was just the beginning for Amy Schumer.

She literally stood up and gave a physical demonstration of what happened in that Paris bathroom. The way the “violent” food poisoning manifested itself in Schumer was already funny. But, the way she described the incident made it even more entertaining. Schumer got up, moved her hip and went “trrrrrrrrr…..” as she described her dysentery.

Ellen could not control herself. She practically started to roll on the floor laughing. And, not everyone can make Ellen laugh so hard. Ellen and the crowd erupted in laughter as the actress described the dysentery that sounded like a machine gun.

Amy also thought her relation with Hanisch was over due to the funny yet tragic incident. From the bathroom itself, she yelled at him and said how lovely it was to date him. Schumer wished him the best of luck and wished he met a great girl in his life. She said all this while she was “in the act,” because she was sure that Hanisch was not going to be with her after “hearing” the performance.

Amy Schumer On Ellen
Ellen laughed so hard on the jokes of Amy Schumer that she had tears. [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

But, the break-up did not happen, maybe because both understood one another’s situation. The couple literally shared all the moments together in Paris. And, they shared the food poisoning as well. Amy Schumer joked about it, but the relationship is still going strong. As the actress put it, it may be working because both are “trash.” The couple has recently celebrated their first anniversary.

“He’s very lucky,” she quipped as she talked about Hanisch having a girl like Amy Schumer.

Us Weekly noted that Amy Schumer had to be hospitalized in Paris. She shared a photo on social media to thank Paris for everything, except the food poisoning. Of course, the couple must have had a great time in France. That is why such a violent food poisoning could not separate the two.

On Ellen, Schumer also talked about being bullied throughout her career because of her body image. She said she found herself beautiful every time she looked in the mirror. She also said that her bucket list included getting photographed in a bathing suit while standing next to Kate Hudson. And, she managed to do that.

On the show, Amy Schumer talked about the time when she served as a bartender at a lesbian bar. She said the girls started hitting on her. That was unusual because, according to her, nobody ever hit on her before.

Throughout her presence on the show, Amy Schumer kept entertaining Ellen and her audience alike.

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