‘Southern Charm’: Danni Baird Rushed To Hospital On Cast Trip To Key West

Season 4’s shooting of Southern Charm has been a bit of a big chill, with certain cast members committed to freezing out Kathryn Dennis, so a cast trip was organized to perhaps thaw everyone out in Key West. But the trip took an unexpected turn when newly engaged Danni Baird suffered a medical emergency.

Danni Baird has been one of the few female cast members on Southern Charm that has continued to be friendly to Kathryn Dennis through everything, as well as being a friend to Thomas Ravenel. This Thanksgiving, another conflict came up between Dennis and Ravenel after Ravenel posted a video of himself drinking with his children’s nanny and her underaged daughter, said the Inquisitr. Ravenel had told Dennis that he was having Thanksgiving at home, but instead, they went to a local bar/restaurant.

Ravenel and Dennis have an agreement that says that neither of them is allowed to drink while they have visitation with the couple’s two young children. Ravenel tried to delete the video, but it had already been downloaded and saved by several media sources. Dennis suggested that Ravenel’s attempt to rub Thanksgiving with the kids in her face has backfired on him.

Radar Online reported that while the cast of Southern Charm headed down to Key West on a cast road trip, an unexpected emergency took them all by surprise when cast member Danni Baird was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Despite great weather, Baird’s medical emergency came as a shock to everyone.


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Baird, who recently announced her engagement, was with her Southern Charm co-stars at The Porch in Key West when she fell ill unexpectedly. Someone called 911, and Baird was transported by ambulance to a local hospital. A bystander reported that this was an actual emergency, as Baird seemed to be having a seizure, and not for the Bravo cameras which were everywhere.

“It definitely wasn’t planned.”

Thomas Ravenel was telling other patrons that he thought Baird was simply dehydrated and was pleading with patrons not to take photos. Baird reportedly was discharged from the hospital the same night and cast social media photos make the trip look like it was a good time for all.

Tamaratattles says that the whole Southern Charm cast packed up and headed to Key West to celebrate Cameran’s birthday with Bravo cameras there to catch every dirty look. Word is that everyone was making an effort to at least be cordial, and that included Cameran and Kathryn (no mention of the Kathryn/Landon dynamic). This is said to be the final getaway for season four of Southern Charm.

Tamaratattles shared that the report she heard claimed that the gang went out to a drag club in Key West called Aqua, and “everyone was drunk off their a**es.” There is no confirmation as to what “everyone” meant, and for now, there is no comment to confirm or deny that it referred to the entire cast.

If social media posts like Twitter and Instagram are any indication, the Southern Charm gang had a blast, and Kathryn wasn’t left alone to twiddle her thumbs. One photo shows Shep, Craig, JD, Liz and Kathryn outside Last Call Beach Bar, while another has Naomie, Danni, and Kathryn posing together for a group selfie tagged #threetimesthecharm.

Hopefully, a happy and a healthy cast headed back to the Holy City.

Do you think the whole Southern Charm group trip will be shown on season four?

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