Hatchimals At Walmart On December 12, 2016: What 8 Walmart Stores Said About Next In-Stock Shipment Dates

With Hatchimals being the hot toy of the Christmas 2016, and Hatchimals going for $15,000 for a single Hatchimal toy on eBay — as reported by the Inquisitr, it’s no wonder folks want to do all they can to get their hands on a Hatchimal toy as soon as it hits the shelves of their local Walmart store. However, the news about Hatchimals being in stock or out of stock varies from Walmart to Walmart, so this reporter called eight local Walmart stores to get the real deal about when and where the Hatchimals would next hatch onto Walmart store shelves.

The Brick Seek tracker reports a whole lot of “out of stock” data about Walmart stores having or lacking Hatchimals — and whereas Brick Seek reported only five or six Hatchimals in stock at a local Target, a visit to the actual Target store reported the sale of 22 Hatchimals on Sunday. Therefore, the in-stock status about Hatchimals at Walmart using that tracker should be taken with a grain of salt.

The best way to use the Hatchimals tracker was to place a zip code in the search engine to find Walmart stores, and then call the local Walmart stores to find out the best information. Sometimes, calling the Walmart store turned up an operator who already had notes to tell phoning customers about the status of that Walmart’s Hatchimals stock. If the operator knows nothing, ask for the toy department.

“You’re not calling about those Hatchimals, are you?”

The first Walmart Supercenter reported that they did not have a coming “in stock” date for their next batch of Hatchimals. The only thing shown on their hand-held computer or scanner is “one day out” and they’ve got nothing. Therefore, a call to the same Walmart the next day may prove that Hatchimals will appear on their way to the Walmart store.

The second Walmart store said that they had no heads up about the Hatchimals that had previously arrived at their store. Instead, those little Hatchimals eggs showed up without warning. They didn’t even know the Hatchimals were coming in on the truck until they unpacked the truck and saw the Hatchimals. That specific Walmart has trucks coming in on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays. Therefore, they noted that the Walmart employees were just as in the dark as Walmart customers as to when their next Hatchimals stock would arrive in December 2016.

The third Walmart Supercenter knew definitively that they would not have any more Hatchimals in December, 2016. The Walmart reported that they heard from the Hatchimals company and they were told they weren’t getting any until January, 2017.

Hatchimals at Walmart
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The fourth Walmart store was like hitting Hatchimals pay dirt. Whereas the other Walmart stores had no clue when their Hatchimals shipments would next hit Walmart shelves, this particular Walmart knew that their Hatchimals were coming in at 3:30 a.m. on their next truck. Walmart customers who show up for Hatchimals will get a voucher and must wait (about an hour until 4:30 a.m. or however long it takes to unpack the truck) to get their Hatchimals.

The fifth Walmart Supercenter reported that they currently had no Hatchimals in stock, and that their Walmart trucks come in the afternoon and the toy department has no further information. One or two Walmart toy departments featured calls to the toy sections that rang and rang or were helmed by employees who didn’t know how to check the computers for Hatchimals incoming stock — or were not given that Hatchimals information.

The sixth Walmart Supercenter reported no Hatchimals in stock and they were not sure if that Walmart location will get them or not.

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The seventh Walmart Supercenter stated that they very well may have more Hatchimals on the way. That Walmart reported that there might be a shipment of Hatchimals at 7 a.m. on Tuesday in the sporting goods department, and that the Hatchimals would be handed out by Walmart employees to Walmart shoppers one per customer. The Hatchimals have come into that Walmart location every other day — with the most recent shipment of Hatchimals to that Walmart location being Sunday, December 11, so the assumption from that Walmart employee is that the next Hatchimals shipment will be there by Tuesday.

The eighth Walmart Supercenter featured a Walmart toys department employee who knew nothing about checking any computer for Hatchimals information, but said that a call back to a Walmart customer service representative or a Walmart manager for more information about Hatchimals shipments might prove fruitful. That Walmart employee noted that there’s about 3,000 items coming in on the truck, and the invoice does not show them whether or not Hatchimals are listed in the Walmart shipment or not.

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