Kailyn Lowry Boyfriend: Is ‘Teen Mom’ Star Dating And Making New Rules?

Kailyn Lowry hasn’t really talked about her divorce from Javi Marroquin because she wants to protect her two sons. When she gets worked up over comments from people on Twitter, this Teen Mom 2 star goes on a rant, but then ends up deleting her tweets, saying that she doesn’t want to get the children involved in the drama. But a judge has signed the divorce papers and Kailyn is now officially a single lady. While there have been rumors about her dating, Kailyn hasn’t said anything yet, even though Javi has revealed that he has moved on with a new woman.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she may be changing her dating rules to find a new man. And Lowry indirectly announced this over the weekend, when she started talking about guys wearing sweatpants on a Sunday. But rather than focus on the fact that she may have found a new boyfriend, people pointed out that she shouldn’t be so critical of people’s clothing choices.

“I thought when you get a man all their sweatpants & hoodies automatically become yours? No? Is that not how this works?” Kailyn Lowry tweeted over the weekend, hinting that she had found a new boyfriend and that they were already sharing clothes, but it sounds like she quickly faced some backlash because she had been very critical of her ex-husband wearing sweatpants on the weekend.

“Remember that time you told jo he was lazy for wearing sweats at his home on a Sunday?” one person wrote to Lowry, pointing out that she herself had been very critical of her partners wearing track pants, while another person added, “remember That time Javi was happy with you? No? Me either.”

No one really asked her about this new man, who she was sharing clothes with. But one person did ask her about sleeping with another man last weekend. Of course, Kailyn Lowry is legally divorced now and she’s single, so she could do whatever she wants when it comes to dating. But it sounds like she just wants to cuddle with someone, who can hold her and possibly watch Netflix with her.

“I wanna cuddle tn. Guess I should go buy a body pillow,” Lowry revealed on Twitter, hinting that she was spending time by herself and she had no one to cuddle with her, to which one person aggressively wrote, “why? You just had some guy in your bed last weekend.”

“I remember when I was alone with my little ones it sucked, but a body pillow does help even with him I still prefer the pillow lol,” one person advised Lowry, while another added, “I thought you had a bf? Saw something on news saying you & jack both have other people now.”

As for Javi, he recently celebrated his birthday. It sounds like he’s enjoying his new relationship and he’s excited about what the future holds when it comes to his relationship and his decision to get divorced. And if you ask him, he can’t wait to put this previous year behind him and move on.

“Here we goooo! Woke up feeling so good. Ready to put 23 behind me,” Javi Marroquin revealed on Twitter earlier this week, revealing that he was excited about turning 24 and it sounds like his followers are excited about him moving on from Kailyn Lowry.

“Happy birthday! Don’t let Karl ruin this one!” one person wrote, while another added, “Happy 24th birthday.. May this year be better then last. So glad to see you happy.”

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s tweet about sharing sweatpants? Are you surprised that she’s changing her ways in regards to dating?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]