Super Nintendo World Will Finally Open In Universal Studios, Bowser’s Castle Part Of The Attraction?

Universal Studios has finally confirmed that they are going to build a Super Nintendo World. This is definitely something that is straight out of a video game fan’s dreams as the Super Nintendo World is going to be available at Universal Studios in Osaka, Orlando, and California.

The video game giant recently confirmed this massive news on their official website. Along with the announcement is an image of what fans might come to expect from Super Nintendo World. The first thing that viewers will notice is that virtual brothers Mario and Luigi are the main characters used in the Super Nintendo World ad. Rightfully so, as Mario is still one of the gaming world’s most popular figures and the Super Nintendo World looks to capitalize on that. Super Nintendo World definitely looks like a Super Mario game come to life complete with the different worlds, flagpoles, Princess Peach’s Barbie-like abode and a looming castle of the main baddie Bowser.

Fans should salivate on what awaits them over at Bowser’s castle and a good guess could be some sort of roller coaster over the iconic lava. However, there are no signs of a Mario kart which the guys at Universal Studios should definitely consider for Super Nintendo World. On a more positive note, Super Nintendo World is set to feature some amazing rides, interactive spots, some Nintendo themed restaurants, and shops.

The first Super Nintendo World will be available at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. According to Engadget, Universal studios is looking for a timeframe right around the year 2020. This is due to the fact that the theme park company would like to capitalize on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with the opening of the Super Nintendo World. With the Summer Olympics and Super Nintendo Land looming in Japan, the country could be tough to get to in 2020.

However, one glaring thing that fans may notice about the Super Nintendo World is that the whole place seemed to be focused on the Mushroom Kingdom. And it looks like Nintendo only allowed the Mario characters and worlds to be featured in Super Nintendo World. It remains to be seen if other popular Nintendo IPs like Pokemon and Metroid will make their way to Super Nintendo Land. However, since they named it Super Nintendo World instead of Super Mario Land, then there might be a glimmer of hope that theme park dwellers may get to experience some sort of Pokemon catching type of ride in the future. If Super Mario World can fulfill these gaming dreams, then it could become one of the top tourist destinations in the next decade.

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Nintendo seems to have upped their marketing game lately. And it looks like the company is definitely going to continue with all this promotion, especially with the Super Nintendo World. After the lackluster sales of the Wii U console which many fans attributed to poor marketing, Nintendo is seemingly hell bent on coming back with a vengeance with their upcoming Nintendo Switch. The company seems to be putting a massive marketing campaign to make their new console heard with numerous viral videos and a carefully crafted buzz strategy.

Another thing that the company has made great use of is the smash mobile hit, Pokemon Go. Despite dwindling users, the Pokemon Go game is massively aiding in keeping Nintendo’s brand fresh. The big sales number of this year’s Pokemon: Sun and Moon owes a lot to the mobile game and Nintendo is definitely riding a big wave of revived popularity. Super Nintendo World is a true testament to the coming of another golden age for the pioneer of video gaming. With an opening date of three years and with a new console that looks like a sure-fire smash hit, the House of Mario is looking like they are going to jump at an all time high.

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