Kandi Burruss Accuses Phaedra Parks Of Lying About Bomb Threat, Says Mama Joyce Needs A Peach

Kandi Burruss’ mother, Mama Joyce, played a big role on the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, thanks to her incessant questioning of Kandi’s co-star and former friend Phaedra Parks. Mama Joyce not only incessantly questioned Phaedra, in front of all the other women, about the bomb threat that she reportedly faced despite Phaedra’s clear denial of it, but she also went behind Phaedra’s back to investigate whether her claim about why her divorce from Apollo Nida was taking so long was actually true.

As the episode aired on Sunday night, Kandi took to Twitter to defend her mother. Kandi apparently doesn’t find her mother’s questioning of Phaedra over the bomb threat that ridiculous, for she’s also suspicious of Phaedra’s explanation of what really happened. In fact, Kandi believes that Phaedra’s lying.

In response to a viewer who asked her if she feels that Phaedra came up with a cover story to hide the bomb situation, Kandi said yes. Kandi pointed out that the police evacuated the mall that was nearby Phaedra’s office. Kandi gave her opinion that the police don’t evacuate a mall over a CD.

“Absolutely! They evacuated Lenox mall because her office is near there. The police aren’t gonna evacuate the mall over a damn cd.????”

Kandi also posted some laughing face emojis in response to a viewer who expressed incredulity over Phaedra’s explanation of the bomb threat.

Exactly,” Kandi wrote in response to a viewer who pointed out Phaedra wouldn’t have called the Nation of Islam for security unless the threat was serious.

The latest episode opened with Phaedra explaining that a former client of hers, a rapper who goes by the name Drama, didn’t actually show up to her office with a hand grenade threatening to blow her and everyone else in the office up. According to Phaedra, Drama, who is also a friend, showed up to the wrong office looking for her not with a grenade in his hand but a CD of music he wanted her to listen to. According to Phaedra, Drama told the conservative white people in the office that the music was “bomb.” The people in turn wrongly took what Drama was saying as a bomb threat and called the police. The media then in turn falsely reported that Drama showed up with a hand grenade.

The episode then showed Mama Joyce visiting a divorce lawyer to ask whether the reason Phaedra has been giving people as to why her divorce from the incarcerated Apollo Nida was delayed could be true. According to Phaedra, the reason why her divorce was taking so long was because Apollo was dragging his feet about signing the legal documents.

In a previous episode, Mama Joyce accused Phaedra of lying, reading out to Kandi and her employees/friends, including manager DonJuan Clark, who is no fan of Phaedra’s, a Georgia law that supposedly grants Phaedra an automatic divorce, if she really wanted it, given Apollo’s incarceration. Mama Joyce also gave her opinion that Phaedra knew full well of Apollo’s crimes and even played a part in them. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Phaedra wrote in her blog after the episode aired that Mama Joyce said what she did because she’s still looking for significance so late in life.


The lawyer that met with Mama Joyce didn’t outright accuse Phaedra of lying but pretty much admitted that if Phaedra really wanted a divorce, she could have one.

As that scene aired, Kandi maintained that she didn’t know that her mother went to the lawyer with such a mission. Kandi said that when she saw what happened, her mouth dropped open.

Later in the episode, Kandi hosted a tasting party for the women at her Old Lady Gang restaurant. Upon seeing Phaedra, Mama Joyce gave some words of sympathy. “I’m so sorry to hear your divorce hasn’t gone through,” she told Phaedra. Kandi, seemingly aware of what her mom was really up to, interrupted and split them apart.

Over dinner, Phaedra explained that the bomb threat was all just a misunderstanding. Mama Joyce wasn’t buying it and seemed intent on proving to everyone that Phaedra must have done something wrong to Drama to anger him to the point of threatening violence.

“I heard he was gonna blow you the f**k up,” Mama Joyce said repeatedly.


Phaedra, clearly annoyed by Mama Joyce’s questioning, maintained that Drama did not threaten to blow her up. Phaedra said that she even spoke to Homeland Security and they didn’t find anything to worry about.

After the episode aired, Kandi posted a lengthy message to her Instagram page to defend both herself and her mother. Kandi once again denied knowing anything about her mom’s visit to the lawyer’s office in an attempt to prove Phaedra wrong. Kandi maintained that she does not have her mom do her dirty work and that she does tell her when she’s wrong. Yet Kandi does also seem to be taking some enjoyment in her mother’s antics, for she declared that Mama Joyce needs her own peach, i.e. that she should have a spot in the show’s opening credits alongside her and Phaedra.


Viewers will soon see Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks in a direct confrontation for the first time this season. The preview shows Phaedra telling Kandi that she, as shown in a previous season, cried to former co-star NeNe Leakes about their damaged friendship more than she cried about the demise of her marriage to Apollo Nida because she cared more about the friendship than her marriage. Kandi, apparently believing that Phaedra really just threw their friendship under the bus for a story line, clearly doesn’t buy Phaedra’s explanation. Another preview shows Kandi, in reference to the bomb incident, saying in a confessional that Phaedra, always concerned with appearances, will make up a “bogus” excuse just so that people won’t think that someone would be that angry with her. Kandi jokes that Phaedra should really be on How To Get Away With Murder with how she lies.

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