December 11, 2016
'Dance Moms' Kendall Vertes Releases New Music Without Abby Lee Miller, Album Coming Soon?

Dance Moms star Kendall Vertes just released the music video for her new song, "Where Would I Be Without You," a follow up to her debut single, "Wear 'Em Out." It seems like firing Abby Lee Miller as her music manager helped Kendall K move her singing career forward.

As seen on an episode of Dance MomsSeason 6, Kendall and her mom, Jill Vertes, fired Abby Lee Miller after the ALDC coach refused to release her album. Speaking to International Business Times, Kendall shared that she is still confused why Abby held her back, when she was the one who pushed her in the beginning.

"She was with me for a year and she was really excited to manage my music career. She was the one who introduced me to singing lessons and releasing a single and then after I hit No 1. That was basically it," she shared.

It has been more than a year ago since Kendall released her first video, "Wear 'Em Out." The site reported that her music was so successful that she even managed to beat out Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" on iTunes music video charts in June 2015. "Wear 'Em Out" has over 13.5 million views on YouTube to date.

Following the success of her debut single, Jill and Kendall wanted to release an album but Abby held them back. The Dance Moms star then decided that it was time to hire a new music manager, one that would help move her singing career forward.

Kendall revealed that she spent an entire summer in California recording the entire album, only to have it go to waste.

"It took a long time, it took a lot of work. She didn't tell us why she did that but she did it anyway. I just have to move on because when I recorded it I was very little and my voice sounded very different from right now so I wouldn't be able to release it right now anyway."
Kendall Vertes has no regrets cutting her ties with Abby Lee Miller. Even though the split caused tension on the Dance Moms set, the 14-year-old definitely felt she made the right decision. She admitted that Abby got "a little sad" after she got fired but pointed out that the ALDC coach did that to herself for sitting on her album for years.In one of the Dance Moms Season 6 episodes, Abby and Jill got into a heated argument after the latter decided to fire Abby as Kendall's music manager. As there is a possibility of Abby going to jail, Jill did not think that it would be good for Kendall's career if she'd be associated with Abby.

"Abby has drawn so much negative attention to our kids over the last year and it's gonna get worse," Jill said.

Even after Jill and Kendall cut their ties with Abby, the Dance Moms stars still wanted to be part of the ALDC. So when Abby announced that she's making cuts to the team, Jill admitted that she was worried about Kendall's future. Abby explained that she's building one super team to bring ALDC back to its glory days. She also pit the girls against each other, thinking that a little rivalry will help bring out the best in each dancer. Brynn competing with Kendall, however, made Jill uncomfortable, saying that there isn't always a fair playing field between the two.

"Jill is not a fan of rivalry. It upsets her. There are certain words or phrases that triggers her in a different way, like mentioning Brynn and Kendall in the same sentence and she just like loses it," Holly said.

Dance Moms Season 7 airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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