David Grunwald Update: Details Of Death Emerge, Arrested Teens Blame Each Other For Murder

Horrific details of how Alaskan teenager Daniel Grunwald was murdered have emerged, the Daily Mail is reporting.

The 16-year-old’s body was discovered in Palmer, Alaska, on Friday. Grunwald was reportedly beaten, kidnapped and shot execution style in the woods even as he begged for his life. His friend Erick Almandinger has been charged with his kidnapping and murder. However, Almandinger, who is also 16, has denied fatally shooting David.

According to court records, Almandinger made it known that he was smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol in a 1971 camper with David. According to him, there was a third teen, identified as Dominic Johnson present. Erick said Dominic, also 16, told him to get a 40-caliber semi-automatic handgun from his house. In the affidavit, Almandinger said Dominic Johnson “at some point” bludgeoned David with the gun, drove him in his Bronco vehicle to a remote location and executed him.

David, who was slipping in and out of consciousness, asked to be taken to his girlfriend’s house and begged not to be killed. Almandinger said he was in the vehicle with his semi-unconscious friend and provided directions to “D.J.” to the woods. In the court documents, Erick said he knew that they were going to kill Grunwald, but that he was shot by Dominic after being forced to walk into the woods.

According to court documents, Devin Peterson told a different story.

Peterson told investigators on December 2 that it was Erick and another juvenile who showed up at his house in a Bronco, matching the description of David’s vehicle. Peterson said Erick confessed to him that he killed David and wanted advice. According to the affidavit, Peterson said he did not want any trouble and told them to leave.

“He said Almandinger confessed to him that he killed Grunwald and was seeking advice. Peterson said that he told them they were stupid and sent them away because he didn’t want trouble.”

When questioned later by investigators, Almandinger said another teen, Austin Barrett, 18, had killed David. Grunwald’s girlfriend told authorities that her boyfriend planned on seeing Erick after he dropped her at home. Almandinger was interviewed several times by police about his friend’s disappearance, but he lied to authorities that he was not with him on the day he disappeared.

He has since confessed to torching David’s Bronco jeep because he wanted to get rid of evidence. In addition, authorities searched the trailer at the back of the Almandinger’s residence and investigators smelt bleach as well as discovered specks of blood on the walls, floor and in the toilet.

According to KTVA, four other teenagers have been arrested in connection to the death of David Grunwald. The teenagers are Austin Barrett, 19, Devin Peterson, 18, Bradley Renfro, 16 and Dominic Johnson, 16. They all face a slew of charges in relation to the Alaskan teen’s murder.

Barrett faces a solitary first-degree murder charge, three second-degree murder charges, tampering with evidence and kidnapping. Peterson faces a triple count of tampering with physical evidence and a single count of obstructing prosecution. Renfro has been charged with a single count of first-degree murder, three counts of second-degree murder as well as kidnapping. Johnson is facing first-degree murder, three counts of second-degree murder, tampering with evidence and felony kidnapping.

According to the Inquisitr, Grunwald was reported missing November 13. His parents got worried after he did not show up at the family house by 9:30 pm. State troopers discovered his torched 1994 Ford Bronco the following day around noon. The car was found 12 miles from where he dropped off his girlfriend.

His remains were found seven days later, 20 miles away from his home.

According to police, Dominic Johnson was the one who revealed where to find Grunwald’s body. However, Almandinger was arraigned as an adult on Saturday. He was charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping.

Who killed David Grunwald?

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