WWE News, Spoilers: Huge Triple Threat Title Match And A Big Return Set For ‘Monday Night Raw’

In just one week, WWE will present Roadblock: End of the Line which is a Monday Night Raw-exclusive pay-per-view (PPV) and only three matches are in place for it as of now. That means there will need to be a lot of build-up on this week’s episode to fill the card and it looks as if Monday night’s episode will be a big one. There is a huge Triple Threat Title Match, a big-time return, and the possible break-up of some best friends.

The official website of WWE has released their weekly preview for Monday Night Raw and it details all that will take place during the three-hour show. There are some huge scores to be settled, and they will likely lead to new matches announced for Roadblock.

The New Day face tough title defense in Triple Threat Match

Sheamus and Cesaro faced off with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson last week, but that match ended up in a brawl with The New Day who were at ringside. As the current Raw Tag Team Champions look to break Demolition’s record as the longest reigning title holders in history, they have a few challenges to get past first.

According to Wrestling Inc., The New Day can capture the record if they are still the Raw Tag Team Champions after Monday night. Getting past those two teams in a Triple Threat Match won’t be easy, though, and it’s going to be interesting to see if WWE allows them to break the record.

Whether they break the record or not, this match will help set up the Raw Tag Team Title match for Roadblock.

Iron sharpens iron as Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair aim to settle the score

At Roadblock, these two superstars will face off again for the Raw Women’s Championship and there is even more love lost since last time. Now, Charlotte Flair has turned on her father Ric Flair, who has sided with champion Sasha Banks.

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At Roadblock, the two will battle it out in a 30-Minte WWE Iron Man Match, but is Ric Flair really against his daughter? Charlotte and Sasha will have Monday night to get their final words in before another title match.

“Best friends” no more?

A lot of bad feelings have come about between the best friends of Jeri-KO, and it seems as if things have not gotten any better. Kevin Owens cost Chris Jericho a possible victory against Roman Reigns for the United States Championship and that is far from the only problem.

Now, Jericho will take on Seth Rollins at Roadblock while Owens will defend the WWE Universal Title against Roman Reigns at the same PPV. The partnership made in heaven appears to be en route to a break-up and more will become known on Raw.

The Emmalina makeover is here!

Emma has been out of action since suffering a serious back injury at a WWE Live Event back in May and it required surgery. For weeks now, there have been promos advising the return of Emma, but with a big twist…she is now Emmalina and things have changed so the Raw Women’s division needs to be warned.

Enzo Amore checks in, but he doesn’t check out

Over the last couple of weeks, Enzo Amore has been tormented and destroyed by Rusev in and out of the ring. Last week on Raw, Lana had a lot to do with the decimation of Enzo who was at the mercy of Rusev without his partner, Big Cass, anywhere around. This week on Monday Night Raw, the duo will likely have an answer, together, for The Bulgarian Brute.

Will Mick Foley give Sami Zayn his match with Braun Strowman?

Despite being incredibly outmatched in size and strength, Sami Zayn is not backing down from anyone…even Braun Strowman. Last week, Mick Foley had a serious conversation and the WWE superstar who said he was looking out for his best interest, but Zayn still wants his match and he’s going to try and get it on Raw.

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With Roadblock right around the corner, WWE is going to build up some more matches for that PPV, but they won’t do much more than that with the end of the year coming up. The Royal Rumble takes place at the end of January and that is what the company will focus on once the new year begins, but this may be the last big episode of Monday Night Raw in 2016.

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