Two Bullies Suspended After Teenager Jumps In Front Of Train

Staten Island, NY – We originally reported that Felicia Garcia committed suicide by jumping in front of a train after a series of despondent texts and Facebook updates. Now, two students connected to Garcia’s bullying have been suspended.

The 15-year-old committed suicide after rumors began to spread that the student had engaged in sex with four members of the Tottenville High School football team, and that a video of the act had been posted online. Two students who had “abused and made fun of” Garcia have since been removed from the school.

“The dismissed students were not on the school’s team. These kids used poor judgment, and they did something they’re going to have to live with for the rest of their lives,” the Daily Mail quoted a source as saying.

No members of the football team were found to have tormented the girl, according to the investigation.

“If it comes out these [players] were bullying this girl and there’s presented proof, they’ll be removed from the school,” said the source.

According to MSN, Garcia was a sophomore at the school, and was an orphan who lived with foster parents. The two bullies are reportedly upperclassmen unconnected to the football team incident, and many students in the rest of the school bullied the teen, branding her a “slut.”

In the investigation following Garcia’s suicide, law enforcement authorities have paid strict attention to the members of the football team involved, though they all stressed that the sex was consensual. Members of her family have agreed that it was the bullying that caused her to take her own life.

“It was just the bullying that got to her,” said Garcia’s aunt, Margarita Pabon. “This is a shocking loss to the family. It’s already done. We can’t change it.”

What do you think should happen to Felicia Garcia’s bullies?

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