Was Kanye West Released From Hospital Too Soon? Celebrity Psychiatrist Fears Another Mental Downfall

Kanye West should have remained in the hospital instead of making his exit after just eight days, Beverly Hills Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman has stressed.

The rapper, who was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center last month following a terrifying mental breakdown, left the hospital after less than two weeks so that he could allegedly return to making music and be around his family again.

Lieberman, however, stresses that the move to have Kanye West released so soon after having suffered such a scary breakdown is what could potentially lead to his next downfall, which could be much more serious than the last time.

Carole is under the impression that the rapper only managed to get out of the hospital because of the fact that he’s a celebrity. His reputable name would have helped him to get out of the medical center much faster than someone who wasn’t famous or working in the industry.

And while Kanye West may look at it as a positive thing, Lieberman wonders whether the father of two has actually been treated for his condition, or whether he was released just because the rapper requested it.

Should it be the latter, West will most definitely find himself going out of control again, and nobody knows whether Kanye will be able to control himself the next time he suffers a meltdown of the same sort.

“I can’t believe they let him out! A patient with the symptoms that Kanye West has been exhibiting would need far more than a week to be stabilized sufficiently to return home,” she tells Hollywood Life. “Reports indicated that he was paranoid, depressed, psychotic — and perhaps hallucinating — to the point that he needed to be cuffed and sent to the hospital in an ambulance on a 5150 involuntary hold.”

“What also undoubtedly happened is that Kanye was treated as a ‘special patient’ because he is a superstar. If it had been John Doe who was hospitalized with Kanye’s symptoms, they would still be in the hospital.”

It was initially claimed by Page Six that West did not return to his Bel-Air home after leaving the hospital. He stayed elsewhere while Kim Kardashian is finding comfort at Kris Jenner’s house in Calabasas, where she has reportedly been living since October.

Earlier this week, however, West was seen making a stop at his Bel-Air mansion, but it’s still unclear whether the rapper has moved back into the multi-million dollar home and what his current plans are moving forward from this unsettling situation.

A previous report claimed that Kanye West is focusing all of his time on family life and music. Now that his “Saint Pablo Tour” has officially been canceled, Kanye is taking things one step at a time, starting with the relationship he shares with his children and closest friends.

He has all the time in the world now to be there for his family while working on his comeback album, which he allegedly plans to promote at the Grammys next year.

West is said to be wanting to make his return to the stage in February, when the ceremony for one of the biggest award shows in the world kicks off, convinced that it’s the exact platform he needs in order to show people that he still hasn’t lost his musical talents just yet.

Are you looking for to seeing Kanye West’s comeback?

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