Beyonce Worried About Kanye West Hospitalization, Set To End Kim Kardashian Feud? [Rumor]

Beyonce feels very unsettled about Kanye West’s recent hospitalization, it has been claimed.

The singer, who has often referred to Kanye as someone she considers a brother, was stunned when she heard the news regarding Kanye’s health scare, which the father of two being rushed to UCLA’s Medical Center before being placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Prior to his hospitalization, Kanye had trashed endless celebrities during his “Saint Pablo Tour” — even going as far as to insinuate that Beyonce bribed MTV, claiming they needed to give her certain awards if producers wanted her to perform during this year’s show.

And while Beyonce has kept her mouth shut throughout all of Kanye’s rants, she has shared her concerns with close family members, it has been alleged, and from what’s been gathered, Beyonce wants to do whatever she can to help the father of two.

According to Hollywood Life, Beyonce and Jay Z have reportedly been distant from Kanye and Kim in recent months, having noticed a behavioral change in the rapper that triggered their sudden decision to keep away from the couple.

On top of that, Daily Mail has claimed that Beyonce never got along with Kim, since they supposedly have nothing in common, causing an even bigger rift between both couples and the former close bond they shared.

Kanye was furious by the fact that Beyonce never even bothered to reach out and talk to his wife following her scary ordeal in Paris back in October. West argued that he could’ve lost Kim on that particular night, yet his supposed best friends couldn’t even reach out and see whether the couple was doing okay.

Two months have almost passed since Kim’s robbery ordeal, to which a source says, “Beyonce is really worried about Kim [Kardashian] after Paris and Kanye [West]’s hospitalization. Her heart goes out to Kim, Kanye and their kids North and Saint.”

“They haven’t been that close in a while because it was just too difficult with Kanye’s erratic behavior. But that doesn’t mean Beyonce doesn’t feel terrible that they are going through such a difficult time. She hopes and prays Kanye gets all the help he needs to be healthy. Bey has faith everything will work out.”

Fans were shocked to see photos of Beyonce and Jay Z vacationing in Malibu with their daughter Blue Ivy while Kanye was held against his will at the UCLA Medical Center, where he was said to have been extremely hard to control.

Last week, several reports went as far as to allege that Kim was somewhat fearful of bringing her two children around Kanye, who was initially checked into the hospital for his erratic behavior toward his staff members.

Regarding his former close friendship with Jay Z, Hollywood Life adds that the music mogul still cares for Kanye. It’s believed that the Roc Nation exec is keeping in touch with Kanye’s team to know his condition and how well he’s doing — especially now that he has left the hospital.

“Jay Z and Beyonce are doing everything they can to respect Kanye’s privacy during this challenging time,” the source added. “Friends of Jay have been texting, asking Jay about Kanye and yet despite everything, Jay is being quiet about Kanye’s condition.”

“Jay is not trashing Kanye to anyone and not sharing any information about Kanye’s health. Beyonce is doing the same and remaining tight-lipped when pressed by people about what is going on with Kanye and Kim.”

There’s a potential chance that Beyonce and Jay Z will find themselves reconciling with Kimye, having seen how emotional Kanye became over the fact that Blue Ivy has never been introduced to North West.

Do you think Beyonce should continue in making the effort to support Kanye despite some of the things he’s said about her in recent weeks? Or do you think Beyonce shouldn’t get herself involved in this drama?

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