December 11, 2016
Trump Appoints Walter White As DEA Chief In 'SNL' Skit Starring Bryan Cranston Of 'Breaking Bad' [Video]

Saturday Night Live opened with a surprise sketch featuring Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston appearing as one of his most recognized characters on television, Walter White. On the SNL skit, the drug kingpin was Trump's chosen cabinet pick to head the Drug Enforcement Administration, according to ABC News. The sketch mocked the Republican president-elect's cabinet picks.

Walter White Donald Trump SNL Skit
President-elect Donald Trump picks Walter White as head of DEA in 'SNL' skit. [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

The show was constructed around a faux-taping of The Lead with Jake Tapper with Beck Bennett as the CNN host. Kate McKinnon portrayed Trump's advisor, Kellyanne Conway, and also appeared on CNN to introduce Trump's latest administration pick.

"We have some breaking news tonight... President-elect Trump has just made his choice for the head of the DEA, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, and it's a high school science teacher from New Mexico named Walter White."
What qualified Cranston's Breaking Bad drug lord to be head of the DEA?
"Trust me I know the DEA better than anyone inside and out... I also like that wall he likes to build. Nothing comes in... that means a lot less competition for all of us."
Kate McKinnon retired her Hillary Clinton impression for the night, while Alec Baldwin's portrayal of Donald Trump was absent from this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live, according to USA Today.
Bennett's Tapper exclaimed at one point,"It's almost as if Mr. Trump appoints these people to undermine the agencies they represent... Are these bad picks?"

McKinnon's Conway character replied, "No Jake, they are not bad. They are alt-good." The comment was about incoming White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and his connection to the so-called "alt-right" movement.

The skit continued with a breaking announcement introducing of one of the new "picks." McKinnon's Conway gushed about Walter White as Bryan Cranston appeared.

"Walter is amazing … He came highly recommended by Steve Bannon."
Cranston's iconic character, Walter White, manufactured meth on the television series Breaking Bad. Cranston's White smirked, "Oh yeah, Steve's the best. We've had some times."

Bennett's Tapper inquired where the mysterious character was found and asked, "Where did Mr. Bannon find you?"

"In the comments section of Breitbart."
The comment made by Cranston's White was a nod to the website Bannon previously ran.


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Bennett's Tapper asked suspiciously, "And you're a high school teacher?" Cranston's White answers in a sly manner, "Yeah."

Cranston's Walter White then complimented Trump on his unique way of handling business.

"I'm a big fan, I like his style... Donald Trump and I agree: it's time to Make America Cook Again.We want to fill this nation with red, white, and a whole lot of blue."
In early November, Trump responded to Baldwin's impersonation and called SNL"unwatchable" and "totally biased" on Twitter.
"I watched parts of @ Saturday Night Live last night. It is a totally one-sided, biased show — nothing funny at all. Equal time for us?"
Trump has not commented on the most recent SNL skit. Trump has instead taken to Twitter to discuss his experience at the Army-Navy game.
However, SNL cast member, Cecily Strong, suggested during the show's Weekend Update that Trump would be tuning in.
"I know he's watching."
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